General Information about the Institute of Architecture

The Institute operates the International School of Church Architecture, scientific and methodical library. The profile department trainings of Bachelor students are conducted according to their area: “Architecture”, “Design” and “Works of Art Restoration” Trainings of Master and Specialist students are conducted according to their major: Підготовка магістрів і спеціалістів ведеться за спеціальностями:

  • “Architecture of Buildings and Structures”;
  • “Urban Planning”;
  • “Design of Architectural Environment”;
  • “Restoration of Architectural Works and Monumental Art”;
  • “Design”

and specializations:

  • “Reconstruction and Restoration of Architectural Complexes ”;
  • " Landscape Architecture “;
  • Graphic Design ”;
  • “Interior and Equipment Design ”.

Bachelors training is based on the humanities, natural sciences, architecture and qualification training programs and lasts four years. Masters and specialists training program provides the cycle of general training courses for all majors in “Architecture” direction and professional disciplines. This training lasts one year and four months. The structure and content of learning process are maximum close to the leading architectural schools of Europe, USA and Canada. Every year our Institute accepts new students — 10 groups of 25 students in “Architecture” direction and 80 students, four groups in “Design” direction. In the 2011/12 academic year 1825 students studied at the Institute of Architecture. In 2007 was opened a new direction " Works of Art Restoration." The educational process in the Institute is provided by 130 lecturers, including:

  • Professors — 11;
  • Assosiate Professors — 48;
  • Senior lecturers — 44;
  • Assistant lecturers — 27.

“Architecture” area of training

Architecture is one of the oldest human activities. Therefore, the studying in the “Architecture” direction is the mastering of the different single set disciplines, which provide a deep understanding of all processes related to the life and human activity. Architect is a philosopher, psychologist, environmentalist, historian, artist, engineer, builder and designer ... Bachelor of Architecture is the first step to recognition. He/she can work in any architectural and structural organization or company under the guidance of professionals. In order to realize your potential more fully, in other words to work independently or become a scientist, it is necessary to continue your studies in Master and Specialist degree.. A wide range of professionally oriented courses enables you to choose a specialization for your soul. These are Masters of architecture and architects on a specialty: Architecture of Buildings and Structures, Urban Planning, Landscape Architecture, Reconstruction and Restoration of Architectural Complexes, Design of Architectural Environment and Architectural Engineering. Architectural development is still in progress. There is a great need for courageous, enterprising, highly skilled specialists who are able to create the future architecture..

“Design” area of training

On this educational direction the students of Institute of Architecture get a profession of designer in the field of graphic or interior design. Bachelors design training lasts four years and provides a wide range of knowledge in the humanities, social, fundamental and professionally oriented courses. Basic knowledge level, which gets bachelor of design, gives the IARCH graduates the opportunity to do any creative work in design, architectural and art organizations and workshops. The next half year gives the opportunity to get completed higher professional education on Master and Specialist educational and qualificational levels. The level of this training, particularly in professional disciplines, enables the IARCH graduates to realize their knowledge and skills in different fields of design and fine arts. Today, in the period of constant changes and the appearance of new specific spheres of human activity, fleeting implementation of new technological processes, there is a great need in specialists, who can perform the objective and spatial environmental design at the high artistic level.

“Restoration of Architectural Works” area of training

Specialists training of this area is carried out the “Reconstruction and Restoration of Architectural and Design Systems and Architecture Fundamentals” departments. Opened in 2007, this “Works of Art Restoration ” area enables to train professionals with a broad palette of necessary knowledge, which will solve the problems of restoration and preservation of architectural and art monuments at high professional level. ВThe characteristic feature of the specialists training area is a combination of professionally oriented disciplines on specific specialties and areas that formed the Institute of Architecture. It enables graduates of this area quickly adapt to the different restorer fields, in particular, restoration and recover of stone architectural details, wood, metal and other materials, sculptural works and monumental art.

There are six departments at the Institute of Architecture:

The Department of Design and Architecture Basics prepares specialists in the following educational and qualificational levels:

  • Bachelor in “Design”,
  • Master and Specialist in "Graphic Design "and “Interior and Equipment.

The Department carries the design, artistic and historicaly -theoretical basic training in all majors and specializations of the Institute according to the “Architecture”, “Design” and "Works of Art Restoration"areas. The department prepares specialists in design that are able to simulate and design the elements of real life by using a variety of artistic methods, tools and techniques, images of the objective world, to find different ways of its formation and organization. Students get a qualified theoretical and practical training in design area and in construction of industrial products, subject environment in domestic sphere, socio-cultural and industrial areas of human activity, creation of high-quality products and advertisement,works of art and architecture restoration.. The Department works by separate research directions, such as: history and fundamentals of design and architecture; artistic traditions of Ukraine; historical city studies; architectural and artistic heritage of Lviv; artistic composition issue; design harmony of color; environmental aesthetics; formation of architectural and design worldview problems.

Department of Architectural Design (the oldest in IARCH) trains specialists of such educational and qualification levels:

  • Bachelor in "Design“area;;
  • Master and Specialist in “Design of Architectural Environment” major.

At the Department students get qualified theoretical and practical training in design and typology of residential and public buildings, as well as architectural management, architectural sociology and psychology, methodology of architectural design. Learning at the Department oriented towards the disclosure and improvement of creative individuality of each student. The diverse of architectural design subjects provides multi-faceted training, that gives each graduate the opportunity to adapt in any architecture field. Department provides researches in the areas of housing architecture, its evolution and reconstruction, development of public buildings typology and architectural theory.

Department of Restoration and Reconstruction of Architectural Complexes

The Department was founded in 1992 in connection with necessity to train specialists in restoration and reconstruction of architectural structures according to the new trends in the protection of Ukraine cultural heritage. Department prepares specialists in the following educational and qualificational levels:

  • Bachelor in “Architectur”, “Works of Art Restoration” area;;
  • Master and Specialist in “Architecture of Buildings and Structures” major and in “Reconstruction and restoration of architectural objects ”, “Works of Art Restoration” specailizations .

Students, who study at this department except the basic architectural training, get in-depth expertise on all aspects of buildings restoration and protection, which are historical and architectural monuments, and also on issues of building adaptation to the modern condition. Students also receive special training in the field of reconstruction, renovation, modernization and expansion of existing buildings and structures, floors reconstruction in the buildings, its interior modernization, works of art and architecture restoration and preservation , and also on issues of new objects construction in the formed architectural environment. Today, students get theoretical and practical training in the area of restoration, according to the modern requirements.

“Urban Planning” area of training:

Department prepares specialists in the following educational and qualificational levels:

  • Bachelor in "Architecture“area;;
  • Master and Specialist in “Urban Planning” major, “Містобудування”;
  • Master and Specialist in “Landscape Architecture” specailization..

The architects of all skill levels engaged in designing of urban planning and architectural complexes, their planning and reconstruction, ordering and improvement of land and architectural objects, as well as urban and landscape design. СThe architects of all skill levels engaged in designing of urban planning and architectural complexes, their planning and reconstruction, ordering and improvement of land and architectural objects, as well as urban and landscape design.

Department of Design of Architectural Environment

Department prepares specialists in the following educational and qualificational levels:

  • Bachelor in "Architecture“area;;
  • Master and Specialist in “Design of Architectural Environment” major..

This department trains specialists to solve the problem of forming, reconstruction and restoration of architectural environment, interior designing and improvement of settlements,populated areas, designing of open urban space, trade and entertainment buildings ,holiday destinations, outdoor advertising: to study, analyze and simulate the space according to the modern scientific trends and achievements. Department works in some areas of research, including: formation and development of the architecture theory and philosophy, design of architectural environment, urban development typology of Ukraine, Ukrainian theater: history, theory and problems of development.

Department of Architectural Constructions

Department of Architectural Constructions conduct classes for students in “Architecture of Buildings and Structures” and “Building Physics” disciplines and for students of “Architecture” area of training in the following:

  • “Architecture”;
  • “Construction”;
  • “Water Resources”;
  • “Chemical technologies and engineering”;
  • “Management”;
  • “Transport Technologies”.

Students of all areas study theoretical courses and do individual tasks. Today, students gain the knowledge of buildings space-planning structure, their exterior and interior in close connection with design solutions; study all kinds of structures and their role in formation the space-planning and architectural- artistic solutions. Future specialists gain knowledge of physical phenomena and processes in the buildings construction associated with the peculiarities of heat, sound or light. In 2005 at the Department of Architectural Constructions was opened the “Architectural Engineering” specialization, whose graduates receive diplomas of architect-engineer and educational and qualificational levels of specialist and master.

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