History of Architecture Institute

The Architectural major established in 1730 in Lviv University is the oldest one in Ukraine. It became part of the Technical Academy after it was founded in 1844. In 1877 the Department moved to the new building where it is located till nowadays. The Architecture Institute was founded in 2001 on the basis of the Architectural Faculty as a result of Lviv Polytechnic National University restructuring. The heads of Architecture Faculty (now Institute): 1971 — 1977 — Ph.D., assosiate professor Serediuk I., 1977 — 1991 — Sc.D., professor Rudnytskyj A. Since 1991 — Sc.D., professor Cherkes B. Such famous scientists and pedagoues as Juljan Zacharjewicz, Ivan Levynskyj, Edgar Kovach, Tadeusz Obminski, Witold Minkiewicz, Ivan Bahenskyj, Roman Lypka, Pavlo Marjev worked in the Lviv Polytechnic Architectural School.

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