International Conference «Cultural Heritage: Innovative Approaches and Sustainable Development»

Заставка конференції

The Department of History, Museum Studies and Cultural Heritage, Lviv Polytechnic National University, invites you to take part in the International Scientific and Practical Conference «Cultural Heritage: Innovative Approaches and Sustainable Development», which will be held on September 9–10, 2022.

Form of conducting – online / offline or mixed format (depending on the current situation).

Topics of sections

  1. Cultural heritage in wartime: experience, status and future:
    1. war-torn cultural heritage: what to do next?
    2. preserved and evacuated cultural heritage;
    3. decolonization of the cultural space and cultural heritage of Ukraine: achievements, problems, prospects of decommunization and de-Russification.
  2. Innovative approaches in museum and monument protection practices:
    1. digital dimension of cultural heritage;
    2. current practices in the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage;
    3. social inclusion through historical and cultural heritage.
  3. Cultural heritage in the system of sustainable development of society:
    1. cultural tourism in local communities: resources, challenges and opportunities;
    2. museums, cultural heritage and sustainable development goals: perspective points of intersection;
    3. cultural heritage and practical implementation of the concept of sustainable development: European experience and Ukrainian realities.

Applications for participation and texts of reports should be sent to the e-mail of the Organizing Committee at till August 15, 2022.