General admission procedure for international applicants

Foreign citizens, as well as stateless persons, can enter and study in Lviv Polytechnic National University at bachelor's, master's and doctoral levels for their own costs or on the basis of intergovernmental agreements. According to accredited educational programs (specialties), the study process lasts:

  • 4 years for undergraduate program;
  • 1,5..2,0 years for the master's degree program;
  • 4 years for the program of philosophy doctor.

In general, studies at the university are conducted in Ukrainian, and in some programs (specialties) - in English languages:

  • foreign citizens who plan to study the Ukrainian/English language program but do not speak Ukrainian/ English, enter the preparatory department for a period of 8-9 month for learning the Ukrainian/English language and other subjects due to the program(;
  • foreign citizens who plan to study the English language program, or have good Ukrainian knowledge and have confirmation documents, are enrolled in the university by interview results.
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