List of Performed Works

List of performed works

  1. Development of a complex of mathematical and digital models of elements of electric networks for the study of internal overvoltages, which allows to reduce overvoltages and limit ground currents in networks to 6-35 kV by means of optimal placement of overvoltage limiters.
  2. Research of operating modes of the wind power plant in the composition of the electric power system of Ukraine.
  3. Development of a method for optimizing the distribution of active and reactive power between synchronous and asynchronous turbine generators, taking into account the work of asynchronous generators in asynchronous mode.
  4. Development of tools and methods for improving the controllability and quality of power systems.
  5. Investigation of ferro-resonance and commutation processes in electric networks, conditions of operation of electric equipment, diagnostics of isolation of electrical equipment.
  6. Development of methods for improving the efficiency and reliability of electrical networks with nonlinear loads within the structure of power supply companies.
  7. Development of the system of operational control of the electric part of the own needs of power units of TPP and NPP.
  8. Development of information and analytical software complex containing such modules as “Energy Efficient Building”, “Heat Load” and “Hydraulic Modes”.
  9. Development of the latest direction of development of intelligent automated systems for the design of power supply systems of general purpose.
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