Research Laboratory of Modelling, Analysis, Synthesis and Optimization of Electric Power and Power Supply Systems and Their Intellectualization Management

Prof. Mykhailo Stankovych Sereda, Doctor of Engineering
Phone number(s)
+38 (032) 258-25-12

Research and development areas:

  • Mathematical modeling and research of internal overvoltages in distributed and lumped power systems;
  • Increase of efficiency of power plants operation in power systems;
  • Increase of the reliability of power supply of electrical receivers for their own needs of electric stations;
  • Research of ferro-resonance and commutation processes in electric networks, conditions of work of electric equipment, diagnostics of isolation of electrical equipment;
  • Development of an automated training system for operational personnel of power generating units;
  • Improvement of methods of analysis of stability of electric power systems;
  • Improvement of methods and models of process analysis in electric networks;
  • Increase of reliability, efficiency and electromagnetic compatibility of power supply systems;
  • Creation of intelligent systems of designing and automated control systems of technological processes of power supply.