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Research Laboratory of Computer and Cyber-Physical Systems and Network Technologies

Prof. Anatoliy Melnyk, Doctor of Engineering
Номер(и) телефону: 
+38 (032) 258-24-57
aomelnyk [at] polynet.lviv.ua

Research and development areas:

  • development of theory and design of high-performance processors of parallel architecture;
  • research of technologies for energy efficient FPGA-based processors of computer and cyber-physical systems;
  • development of theory and design of parallel conflict-free access computer memory;
  • development of methods and tools for FPGA-based self-configurable high-performance computer systems design;
  • multilayer cyber-physical system architecture;
  • research of user-cyber-physical system interaction technology;
  • research of intellectualization and decision-making technologies for cyber-physical systems;
  • network interaction of cyber-physical system layers and cyber-physical systems interaction technology within the Internet of things;
  • research and development of intelligent data acquisition technologies for autonomous cyber-physical systems;
  • data processing in cyber-physical systems via network technologies;
  • synthesis and optimization of the computer devices for FPGA–based hardware platforms of sensor and actuator units of cyber-physical systems;
  • cryptographic processors of cyber-physical systems research and design;
  • digital signal and image processing methods and tools development;
  • implementation of the ensembles of intelligent autonomous units for sensor and control networks.