Scientific directions of the Departments

Scientific directions of the Departments of Lviv Polytechnic National University

The name of the department

Scientific direction

Date of approval by the University Academic Board, Protocol No.

Institute of Architecture

Department of Architectural Constructions

Research of buildings and structures constructions, aerodynamics and energy saving in buildings. Physics of Architecture and climatology.

18.06.2014, Protocol No. 7

Department of Architectural Design

Theoretical and practical foundations of the formation of dwelling and public buildings and structures.

Department of Architectural Environment Design

Genesis and development of architectural design.

Department of Design and Architecture Fundamentals

Design in nature, society and architecture. Preservation of the environment and sustainable development.

Department of Urban Planning and Design

Planning and reconstruction of cities and territories.

Department of Restoration of Architectural and Art Heritage

Development of the theory and practice of regeneration and reconstruction of historical complexes. Restoration of architectural objects and works of art.

Institute of Building and Environmental Engineering

Department of Building Constructions and Bridges

Theoretical and experimental studies of conventional and reinforced concrete, metal, wooden and other constructions of buildings, structures, bridges and foundations and methods of their amplification taking into account different types of reinforcement, concrete, types and intensity of loads, the effects of aggressive environments, elevated temperatures.

17.06.2014, Protocol No. 10

Department of Building Production

Technology of construction, research of progressive structures and methods of buildings and structures construction, modern technologies of energy-efficient construction, polyfunctional concrete and effective finishing, waterproofing and anticorrosive materials.

Department of Hydraulic and Sanitary Engineering

Hydraulics, engineering hydrology, energy and water efficiency.

Department of Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation

Development of innovative methods to increase energy efficiency of heat and gas supply and ventilation systems.

Institute of Geodesy

Department of Higher Geodesy and Astronomy

Monitoring of the Earth surface and its atmosphere based on the analysis of the results of modern ground-based and satellite measurements.

17.06.2014, Protocol No. 12 (137)

Department of Geodesy

Research of modern methods of geodetic measurements and conditions for their implementation and processing.

Department of Engineering Geodesy

Modernization of engineering and geodetic technologies and geodetic monitoring of engineering structures and geodynamic phenomena.

Department of Cadastre of Territory

Development of theoretical foundations for cadastral systems in Ukraine.

Department of Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics

Development and research of methods of photogrammetry, remote sensing and geoinformation technologies for quantitative and qualitative estimation of phenomena, objects and processes.

Department of Cartography and Geospatial Modelling

Geographical mapping. Thematic mapping. Geoinformation mapping. Mathematical modeling in cartography, geodesy, astronomy and geophysics. History of cartography.

14.03.2017, Protocol No. 7 (169)

Institute of the Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Foreign Languages

Problems of linguistics of scientific, technical and literary text, the question of linguomethodology and pedagogy.

11.06.2014, Protocol No. 9

Department of History of Ukraine and Ethnic Communication

Problems of research and teaching the history and culture of Ukraine.

Department of Political Science and International Relations

Peculiarities of transformation of political institutions and processes in national and global dimensions

Department of Social Communication and Information Activities

Social communications in the global information space.

Department of Sociology and Social Work

Research of the social sphere for the regulation of social problems.

Department of Ukrainian Language

Topical issues of studying the Ukrainian language and literature.

Department of Physical Education

Problems of physical education and sports for students of higher education institutions.

Department of Philosophy

The human in modern civilization processes.

Viacheslav Chornovil Institute of Sustainable Development

Department of Ecological Safety and Nature Protection Activity

Development of new methods and means of environmental express control of products and the environment. Environmentally friendly technologies that use the mineral-raw material base of Ukraine.

18.06.2014, Protocol No. 11

Department of Ecological Politics and Environment Protection Management

Transfer, diffusion and commercialization of innovations in the field of environmental protection and reproduction of natural resources. Development of trade enterprises and product safety and quality assurance tools.

General Ecology and Eco-Informational Systems Department

Modeling, designing and intelligence analysis of information resources of complex ecological-economic systems.

Department of Ecology and Sustainable Environmental Management

Development of engineering methods of environmental protection to ensure balanced development of society. Environmental technologies using natural disperse sorbents and mineral fertilizers with prolonged-action. Mass transfer in solid-state systems.

Department of Tourism

Principles of creating tourism products.

Institute of Economics and Management

Department of Business Economics and Investment

Investment and innovation activities of enterprises, project evaluation and real estate.

14.05.2014, Protocol No. 11

Department of Foreign Trade and Customs

1. Problems of management of foreign trade and customs activities of enterprises.

2. Problems of the formation of management systems under the conditions of globalization.

Department of Marketing and Logistics

1. Economic problems of resource and energy saving.

2. Marketing and logistics in the system of innovative management concepts.

Department of Management and International Business

Development and improvement of management systems and international economic activity.

Department of Organizational Management

Comprehensive implementation of balanced development of economic systems.

Department of Human Resource Management and Administration

Problems of personnel management and administration in the conditions of modern challenges.

Department of Accounting and Analysis

Accounting and analytical support of enterprise management system.

Department of Finance

Formation of financial flows of enterprises in the conditions of innovative transformations.

Institute of Power Engineering and Control Systems

Department of Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies

Methods and means of audit of energy carriers and automation of technological processes.

18.06.2014, Protocol No. 13

Department of Electromechatronics and Computerized Electromechanical Systems

1. Mathematical modeling, automated design and development of electromechanical transducers and their control systems.

2. Modeling, analysis, synthesis and optimization of electric power objects and active electrical networks, their intelligent control systems, protection, automation and diagnostics of conditions.

Department of Electric Power Engineering and Control Systems

Mathematical modeling of electromagnetic processes in electric power systems and optimization of work of power stations and electrical substations.

Department of Theoretical and General Electrical Engineering

1. Increase of reliability, efficiency and electromagnetic compatibility of power supply systems, mathematical modeling of electromagnetic processes, creation of intelligent design systems and automated control systems for technological processes of power supply.

2. Mathematical modeling of processes in electrical circuits, systems, environments.

Department of Heat Engineering and Thermal and Nuclear Power Plants

1. Creation of automation and development of electromechanical control systems for technological processes and motor controller.

2. Improving the efficiency and reliability of heat and power engineering equipment.

Institute of Engineering Mechanics and Transport

Department of Automotive Engineering

Research and parametric optimization of wheeled vehicles and special equipment, durability and passive safety of bus and car bodies.

17.06.2014, Protocol No. 5/14

Department of Operation and Repair of Automotive Vehicles

Research and optimization of operational properties of cars and their systems, maintenance and transport processes.

Department of Designing and Operation of Machines

Modeling and automation of technological processes.

Department of Welding Manufacture, Diagnostics and Restoration of Metal Structures

Improvement of reliability of steel structures taking into account the tense state of welded joints, diagnostics and evaluation of the properties of welded construction resources, the development of welding processes, protective and restorative coatings

Department of Mechanics and Automation of Mechanical Engineering

Dynamics, durability and synthesis of machines and vibration systems, automation of production and technical diagnostics of equipment.

Department of Applied Materials Science and Materials Engineering

Creation of new materials, improvement of their functional properties and use of surface engineering techniques for the regulation of material structuring processes.

Department of Mechanical Engineering Technologies

Development of highly effective technological processes of mechanical processing, assembly and their automation.

Department of Transport Technologies

Optimization of street and road network parameters and pedestrian traffic flows and organization of transportation.

Institute of Computer Science and Information Technologies

Department of Automated Control Systems

Methods, models and components of management information systems and technologies.

17.06.2014, Protocol No. 10–2013/2014

Department of Information Systems and Networks

Research, development and implementation of intelligent distributed information technologies and systems based on the resources of databases, data warehouses, spatial databases and knowledge in order to accelerate the processes of forming a modern information society.

Department of Publishing Information Technologies

Synthesis and technologies of intelligent data analysis in hybrid information environments.

Department of Applied Linguistics

1. Basic cognitive mechanisms of making linguistic units (comparative aspect).

2. Application of formal models in the study of natural language processes.

Software Department

Software and mathematical support for automated systems.

Department of Computer-Aided Design

1. Design and modeling automation for embedded systems.

2. Design and modeling automation for smart home systems.

Institute of Computer Technologies, Automation and Metrology

Department of Information Technology Security

High-performance and energy-efficient methods and means of information security in computer systems and computer and telecommunication networks on the basis of self - configurability, pulse number functional transformation and iterated function calculation.

17.06.2014, Protocol No. 11

Department of Electronic Computing Machines

The questions of theory, design and implementation of computer systems and networks, as well as mathematical tools, units, devices and devices of measuring, information and control systems.

Department of Information Security

Research of systems of technical information protection, communication channels and computer networks, physical information and cryptography security. Improvement of information security of the country, counterintelligence methods of counteraction and technology.

Department of Measuring Information Technologies

1. Theoretical, technological and metrological bases of methods and means of measuring physical quantities.

2. Development of theoretical and methodical principles of standardization of characteristics of the quality of products and services and the creation of metrological support for their measurement and control in certification and verification of conformity.

Department of Computerized Automatic Systems

Computerized automation systems and their components: principles of construction, modeling, methods of analysis and synthesis.

Precision Mechanics Department

Design and research of smart precision microsystem devices for instrument-making applications (ecological, medical, auto and aerospace, navigational instrument making, non-destructive testing).

Department of Specialized Computer Systems

The theory and practice of constructing hardware and software of specialized computer devices, systems and networks.

Institute of Applied Mathematics and Fundamental Sciences

Department of Mathematics

1. Analytical and numerical methods of research of physical and mechanical fields, processes, co-operative and structural phenomena in solids and liquids.

2. Research of boundary value problems of mathematical physics, theory of functions and functional analysis. Modern problems and theoretical models in linear and differential algebras .

17.06.2014, Protocol No. 27

Department of General Physics

Synthesis, structure and physical properties of semiconductor materials.

Department of International Information

1. Modeling of international information flows.

2. Information and analytical support for national and foreign policy.

3. National, regional and local branding .

Department of Descriptive Geometry and Engineering Graphics

Geometric and computer modeling in applied and engineering tasks.

Department of Computational Mathematics and Programming

Development of mathematical models of natural and social phenomena, development of analytical and approximate methods for solving physical, ecological and economic problems.

Department of Applied Mathematics

Development of mathematical models and methods of their numerical implementation for the description of natural and social phenomena.

Department of Applied Physics and Nanomaterials Science

1. Creation of nanoscale materials with physical characteristics, which provide their practical use in technology, in particular, modern electronics.

2. Physicochemical methods of water treatment for technological processes and materials modification.

Institute of Administration and Postgraduate Education

Department of Administrative and Financial Management

Administrative activities and management of financial and economic security of enterprises.

25.05.2014, Protocol No. 9

Department of Management Technologies

Tools for proactive management of enterprise innovation development.

Institute of Enterprise and Advanced Technologies

Department of Information Systems and Technologies

Mathematical modeling of information and dynamic systems.

18.06.2014, Protocol No. 6

Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology

Department of Administrative and Informational Law

Administrative and legal support for the protection of human and civil rights in the conditions of the information society. Administrative and legal regulation of intellectual property as the main element of innovative activity in the field of science-based technologies.

17.06.2014, Protocol No. 36

Department of Journalism and Mass Communication

Information and communication support of the mass media for the development of democracy in Ukraine.

Department of History of State and Law

Historical and legal principles of Ukrainian state formation: institutional and ideological aspects. The legal mechanism of sovietization of the western regions of Ukraine (1939 - mid-1950's).

Department of Criminal Law and Procedure

Improvement of the legal mechanism for the protection of human and civil rights and freedoms in the context of the development of the state of law.

Department of Psychology, Pedagogics and Social Management

Systematic research of the effects on the "human factor" from psychological, pedagogical, legal and cybernetical aspects.

Department of Theory and Philosophy of Law

Philosophical and theoretical concepts of the state and law.

Department of Civil Law and Procedure

Civil protection of the rights of natural and juridical persons.

Institute of Telecommunications, Radioelectronics and Electronic Engineering

Department of Electronics and Information Technology

Development of the theory and methods of modeling, research of complex systems and innovation project management in the field of radio electronics, nanoelectronics, infocommunications and medical equipment.

17.06.2014, Protocol No. 12

Department of Electronic Devices

Development of electronic materials, elements and devices.

Department of Semiconductor Electronics

1. Sensor and transformers based on semiconductor and dielectric materials and heterostructures.

2. Physico-chemical processes for the synthesis and controlled modification of material properties of functional, micro- and nano-electronics

Department of Radioelectronic Devices and Systems

1. Methods and means of forming and processing signals in radio electronic systems.

2. Television optical microscopy.

Department of Telecommunication

Infocommunication systems and networks.

Department of Theoretical Radio Engineering and Radio Measurement

The theory and methods of designing radio technical circuits, systems and complexes and ensuring their quality.

Department of Photonics

Interaction of electromagnetic radiation with heterogeneous systems and nanostructures, development of laser and photon technologies.

Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technologies

Department of Physical, Analytical and General Chemistry

Synthesis and analysis of new substances and materials..

17.06.2014, Protocol No. 10

Research of kinetics and mechanism of oxidation and copolymerization processes of organic substances to obtain modifiers of composite materials. Application of energy of acoustic cavitation for intensification of technological processes.

Development of physico-chemical basics to obtain, purify and use biologically active heterocyclic organic compounds.

Department of Organic Chemistry

Development of reactive and initiating systems for functionalization (peroxidation) of interphase surfaces, the formation of special polymeric nanoparticles, construction of filled composites and biocompatible, biodegradable polymeric materials; modification of natural substances.

Department of Technology of Biologically Active Substances, Pharmacy and Biotechnology

Synthesis, research, technology and biotechnology of new pharmaceutical substances, organic compounds and functional materials with bioactivity and complex of other valuable properties.

Department of Organic Products Technology

1.Theoretical basics of creation of highly efficient initiating and catalytic systems and processes for selective transformations of organic compounds aiming for monomers and polymers production.

2. Creation of theoretical basics, improvement and development of fermentation technologies and methods of efficient utilization of secondary products and industrial wastes.

Department of Chemistry and Technology of Inorganic Substances

Fulfillment of research projects in the field of complex processing of sulfur and potassium raw materials, scrap of non-ferrous and rare metals with the development of resource-saving technologies of mineral fertilizers, salts, special types of sulfur, metals and their compounds, metal powders and other products.

Department of Chemical Engineering

Creation of theoretical basics of hydrodynamic, hydromechanical, heat and mass transfer processes with solid, liquid and gaseous phases for the creation of resource-saving technologies in the chemical industry.

Department of Chemical Technology of Oil and Gas Processing

Development of the basics of processing of combustible minerals, production and usage of motor fuels, lubricants, monomers, polymers, resins, binders and surfactants from hydrocarbon raw materials.

Department of Chemical Technology of Plastics Processing

Theoretical and applied aspects for obtaining, modifying, combining and processing functionalized (co) polymers, polymer (nano)composites, hydrogels ; development of technologies for obtaining products ( casting , structural, insulating, optical, film, membranes, implants , dosage forms, adhesives, adhesives, synthetic fibers, fabrics and technological fluids) with special properties.

Department of Chemical Technology of Silicate Materials

Development of energy-saving modern technologies to obtain new and improving the performance characteristics of existing refractory non-metal and silicate materials.

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