University competitions and grants

Lviv Polytechnic National University holds such competitions:

  •  Competition of monographs, textbooks and manuals

There are following nominations:

  • The Best Monograph
  • The Best Textbook
  • The Best Teaching Manual

To encourage the authors of the best published works, there are three awards in each nomination, distributed among the co-authors according to the information provided on the creative contribution.

  • Competition of scientific and technical projects of Lviv Polytechnic National University

To participate in the competition you have to submit Projects that offer a set of activities related to ensuring the implementation of scientific and technical developments in order to achieve specific scientific and technical (applied) result in the form of new or improved materials, processes, devices, technologies, systems, new or improved services, put into operation new constructive or technological solutions, completed tests that can be implemented in practice.

In accordance with the Competition Regulations, the mandatory requirements for the Projects are:

  • approval of the Academic Board of the Institute;
  • possibility to quickly (up to one year) obtain scientific and technical (applied) result, which can be commercialized in short terms;
  • availability of completed development, which can be implemented in short terms, or development, which requires a minor refinement;
  • a scientific (scientific and pedagogical) employee can be the head of only one project, submitted to the competition.

The employees of the University, together with representatives of other juridical persons (small innovative companies, research and manufacturing organizations, etc.) can take part in the competition.

Temporal Competition Regulations are in the attached file.

  • The Best Young Scientist Competition of the Institute at Lviv Polytechnic National University

In accordance with the Competition Regulations, scientists under the age of 35 (at the time of completion of documents submission for competition participation), whose main place of work is Lviv Polytechnic, can take part in the competition.

  • Grant Competition for young scientists at Lviv Polytechnic National University
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