Scientific and Research Unit: R&DLab - 100

ScD, professor, Bondarchuk M. K.
Phone number(s)
+38 (032) 258-21-93

Research laboratory NDL-100 (scientific director of the laboratory - ScD, professor M. K. Bondarchuk) operates at the department, based on which the state budget issues have been developed in recent years.

The mission of NDL-100 of the Department of Finance is to conduct research through the implementation of state budget, economic, departmental topics, and train highly qualified specialists (bachelors, masters, PhD, ScD) in finance, who are prepared to work in various areas of financial activity in the context of European integration.

The vision of NDL -100 of the Department of Finance is to see innovative changes in financial markets and respond to them in the process of research through the implementation of state budget, economic, departmental topics in accordance with the demands of potential consumers, such as state and corporate financial and financial institutions, business entities.

Areas of research:

  • management problems of capitalization processes in the conditions of innovative development of enterprises (FIN-4; № state registration 0112U000799 - completed in 2016).
  • formation of processes to ensure economic security in the crisis management system (FIN-5; № state registration 0112U000800 - completed in 2016).
  • mechanisms for managing corporate financial flows in the context of market globalization (FIN-6; № state registration 0112U000801 - completed in 2016).
  • problems of financial and credit support of sustainable economic development in the process of scientific and technical preparation of production (FIN-8; № state registration 0117U004018, deadlines: 2017-2021).
  • development of debt financing of the economy of Ukraine "(FIN-9; № state registration 0117U004121, deadlines: 2017-2019).
  • financial flows in cross-border academic mobility (FIN-10; № state registration 0119U102396, deadlines: 2019-2023).
  • digitalization of public finances: scientific and theoretical concepts and practical discourse (FIN-11; № state registration 0121U110161, deadlines: 2021-2025).