About “No Limits” Services

On “No Limits” Services of Accessibility to Learning Opportunities

The mission of “No Limits” Services of Accessibility to Learning Opportunities (hereinafter — No Limits" Accessibility Services) is to provide real access to learning opportunities at Lviv Polytechnic National University based on the recognition of the intrinsic value and dignity of every person in society, regardless of any specific features of the person; observance of human rights of people with disabilities / chronic diseases and ensuring their equal access to opportunities for higher education; application of advanced world-wide technologies of integration, inclusion, health care and health promotion, including adaptive physical activity (APA), and promoting maximum functional independence of each person and her/his success in life.

The strategy of the development of “No Limits” Accessibility Services envisages the implementation of inclusive education policy at Lviv Polytechnic National University; the creation of an all-university system for the provision of inclusive educational services for people with disabilities and chronic diseases based on scientific research, the development of international partnership cooperation and application of advanced world-wide experiences of inclusive education in the system of higher education; and exerting influence on the formation of national standards of inclusive education for their implementation at universities in Ukraine.

The unit “No Limits” Accessibility Services aims to provide ongoing support for the educational process of students with disabilities and chronic diseases, who require special conditions for educational services; and to form inclusive consciousness, particularly the understanding of challenges of functioning of people with special needs in educational environment.

The main objectives of “No Limits” Accessibility Services are:

  • To gradually transform Lviv Polytechnic National University into barrier free educational space with real access to learning opportunities for persons with disabilities and chronic diseases;
  • To intensify research and development to address the needs of persons with disabilities and chronic diseases;
  • To carry out ongoing support of students with disabilities and chronic diseases;
  • To identify and assess the University resources;
  • To ensure linking with the external environment (including employers) on a regular basis;
  • To establish and develop close partnerships with universities, governmental and non-governmental organizations, associations, foundations and missions, including international representations, working in the field of social inclusion, particularly inclusive education;
  • To disseminate the information about the opportunities for higher education for persons with disabilities and chronic diseases, including available resources and services being developed at the University;
  • To involve the community in solving problems of each student with disability(-ies) and/or chronic disease(s).
  • Major Areas of Activities 
  • Of “No Limits” Services of Accessibility to Learning Opportunities
  • Development of favourable conditions for comprehensive and harmonious development of students with disabilities and chronic diseases, and their assimilation of knowledge, skills and abilities aimed at assisting them on their way to higher education and continuing professional development;
  • Creation of well-disposed conditions for students with disabilities and chronic diseases for them to be able to acquire social experiences aimed at their integration into society;
  • Participation in the planning and implementation of educational, professional and educational initiatives, as well as social and humanitarian projects and programs related to solving problems of persons with disabilities and chronic diseases, who study at a higher educational establishment;
  • Provision of counselling services for persons with disabilities and chronic diseases;
  • Dissemination of identified advanced world-wide experiences in creating a safe educational environment for the interpretation, adaptation and creative application of these experiences in Ukraine, particularly through the development of campaign materials and their distribution through training, consulting activities and placement of the materials on the website of International “Integration” Centre and “No Limits” Accessibility Services;
  • Provision of support for educational and professional initiatives as well as social and humanitarian projects and programs aimed at addressing the problems of people with special needs and their information support;
  • Promotion of the development of a network of field placement sites of Lviv Polytechnic National University applying value-based, professional knowledge and skills and providing professional experiences in social inclusion;
  • Provision of mediation services to regulate problems of persons with special needs;
  • Cooperation with local executive authorities, health authorities, enterprises, institutions and organizations, regardless of the forms of ownership, public organizations, and individuals working with people with special needs, in addressing the issues of provision of educational services, and social and social welfare services;
  • Development of interrelations with similar services in Ukraine and foreign centres providing educational support for people with disabilities and chronic diseases;
  • Involvement of parents of students with disabilities and chronic diseases to participate in matters related to rehabilitation;
  • Creation and development of the University material and technical base for the implementation of a complex of measures of medical, professional and social support of students with disabilities and chronic diseases;
  • Promotion of the effective employment of persons with disabilities and chronic diseases in accordance with the acquired profession, qualifications and the labour market demand, in conjunction with employment services; and
  • Establishment and development of cooperation with the mass media to promote dissemination of the social inclusion experiences.
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