Yuriy Drohobych Theater presented the performance «Helver’s Night» in the Scientific and Technical Library of the University

Фото з вистави

On March 17, 2023, Yuriy Drohobych Theater presented its performance of «Helvera’s Night» in the Scientific and Technical Library of Lviv Polytechnic.

Director Oleksandr Korol explained the main plot points: social adaptation, the problem of the mother's rejection of the child, the difficulties of mentally ill people who cannot cope in the modern world and become exiles in society. The main idea of the play is that weakness of spirit and unwillingness to deal with life's problems lead to inevitable negative consequences.

Throughout the performance, we observe two main characters who were brought together by fate - Carla, who was embodied on the stage by artist Alla Latysheva-Kruk, and thirty-year-old Helver, played by artist Yuriy Fedchuk. The events take place in Germany during the Second World War, when Jews were subjected to physical and moral violence by the Third Reich.

A special detail in this performance was a metal cube that played the role of a room with a table and chairs. This is a kind of personification of a cage for a person. The space itself on the stage was filled with various everyday household items: suitcases, bags, folders, boxes - everything that is in a standard communal apartment.

We express our sincere gratitude to Yuriy Drohobych Theater for such a strong and emotionally rich performance, after which you will be thinking for a long time, connecting the events of that time with the present.

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