«We are happy this carol touched many people», says Suziria Pop Song Ensemble about the recording of the carol «Snowfall», which became a hit on the network

Ансамбль «Сузір’я»

Suziria Pop Song Ensemble is one of the 12 creative bands that operate at the Prosvita People’s House, Lviv Polytechnic. On the eve of Christmas, the members of this ensemble recorded the carol «Snowfall», which became a real hit and has already collected about 200 thousand views on social networks. We offer you to find out how the carol was born, whether students expected such success and what motivates them to actively participate in amateur art projects.

«Students are happy their work has been so highly appreciated»

Stepan Shalata, director of the Prosvita People’s House and Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine, says that the idea to record a carol-greeting appeared on the eve of the New Year. This is a joint work with the Polytechnic Center for Communications. Students who were in their cities agreed to come to Lviv and began to actively rehearse, as everyone liked the idea.

«We didn’t even expect such a large number of views»

Suziria Pop Song Ensemble has existed since 2009 and has more than 18 members from various Polytechnic Institutes. For the fifth year in a row, its director is Oksana Spondych. She calls such a successful recording of the carol a real achievement and hopes that in this way they have helped people relax and at least a little distract from everyday worries during the Christmas holidays.

«In the Suziria Ensemble – we are all the one»

Feldman Mariana-Iryna is a fourth-year student at the Institute of Architecture and Design. At the First Year Student Convocation the girl saw the performance of the ensemble and immediately wished to become a member. Four years have passed since then, and the desire to leave the team has never arisen. The student admits that working in an ensemble does not tire her and does not take time, but on the contrary helps to distract and relax.

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