Vice-Rector Volodymyr Kraiovskyi speaks about the reconstruction and modernization of sports complexes of Lviv Polytechnic

Володимир Крайовський

Traditionally, before the beginning of the new academic year, Lviv Polytechnic is renovating its sports complexes. This year, a large-scale reconstruction and repair of two sports buildings on Ulas Samchuk Street took place.

«The main task of the University is to create comfortable conditions for sports. This is what we are constantly working on. In addition to sports complexes on Ulas Samchuk Street, Polytechnic is building and modernizing other sports buildings. The construction of the sports hall in the sports complex on Vasyl Stus Street has been recently completed. Now it is equipped with the most modern coverage, ventilation system, light and equipment», says Volodymyr Kraiovskyi, Vice-Rector for Training and Production, Lviv Polytechnic National University.

Polytechnic also plans to renovate a tennis hall for high-level competitions.

«We place the greatest emphasis on the modernization of educational buildings. As for the athletics hall, we plan to replace the floor covering. In the building, where there is a swimming pool, a modern boiler room and filters for water purification have been installed. Of course, the hall also needs modernization. There is no ventilation system in the new sports complex on Samchuk Street. In summer it is uncomfortable to be there. We will also resolve this issue», said the Vice-Rector.

Спортивний корпус на вулиці Уласа Самчука