Vice-Rector for Education and Social Development Roman Korzh tells about successful steps in the implementation of dual education

Проректор з науково-педагогічної роботи та соціального розвитку Роман Корж

It has become easier to learn and gain practical experience at the same time. The system of dual education is expanding its borders and every year more and more students from various majors can join it.

Elements of the dual education system, which provides for student’s study and work at the same time, are already being implemented quite actively and successfully in six educational programs. Thus, during this semester, such study program was developed at the Department of Accounting and Analysis; Department of Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies; Department of Applied Mathematics; Department of Artificial Intelligence Systems; Department of Administrative and Financial Management; and Department of Electromechatronics and Computerized Electromechanical Systems, which indicates students’ interest in implementing this program.

One more semester, and we will see if this «experiment» is successful and then we will form our temporary position, according to which we will work in the future. But, as experience shows, in higher education dual education system will work only in those areas in which employers are interested, says Vice-Rector for Education and Social Development Roman Korzh.

During this period, the most actively in dual education are developing areas related to IT, economics and the road industry, where there is active cooperation with such companies as SoftServe, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Nestle, Onur and others. But Polytechnic will not stop. Next year the number of majors involved will be increased. Today there is an active preparation for the introduction of dual education system at the University.

Roman Korzh also told us about the employment under such a program and academic staff of our HEI. According to him, this is an indicator of professionalism and quality of their work, which, in fact, motivates management to develop this area and expand dual education at Polytechnic.