Vice-Rector Oleh Davydchak: «The University has all the conditions for offline study of first- and second-year students»

Студенти Львівської політехніки

The first and second year bachelor’s students of Lviv Polytechnic will study offline from February 27. The rector’s order was published on February 13, 2023. This decision caused different emotions: some of the students are outraged why not all students will be taught in this format, and some, on the contrary, do not understand what has changed compared to the first semester.

― We try to take a constructive approach to creating conditions for quality education of students. Having analyzed the educational process last semester, as well as the repair work and the arrangement of shelters in academic buildings, to ensure the necessary quality of training of future specialists, we decided to resume offline classes for second-year students as well, – explained Oleh Davydchak, Vice-Rector for Graduate Education, Lviv Polytechnic. ― Fortunately, Lviv, compared to other cities of Ukraine, is a safe city, in the case of an air raid, there are shelters in the academic buildings. In the case of emergency power outages, the University is equipped with generators that will allow the educational process not to be interrupted.

The Vice-Rector also assured that, if necessary, second-year students can settle in the Polytechnic’s dormitories. Places are provided for them.

– Those students who for certain reasons will not be able to start studying offline can apply for academic leave, added Oleh Davydchak.