Vasyl Hulai, Head of the Department of International Information, tells about the creation of cyber troops in Ukraine and the experience of Israel

Василь Гулай

Cyber troops will be created in Ukraine. This has been repeatedly stated by Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksii Danilov. In particular, the official said this during his working visit to Lithuania, and later repeated it in Savik Shuster’s Freedom of Speech TV show. «Today we are really secretly considering the creation of cyber troops in our country. And today this decision, I can say, is the only one that was unanimously supported by all 21 members present at the meeting. I think that in the near future… in, lets’ say, a short period of time, there will be a presidential decree», said Oleksii Danilov.

Vasyl Hulai, Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of International Information, Lviv Polytechnic National University, Head of the NGO «Center of Information and Communication Management», noted that we have not only to support the creation of a new kind of troops (cyber troops) in Ukraine, but try to influence or even control the process of its practical implementation, so as it will not to become another «project»:

– It is quite obvious that in the conditions of modern information confrontation such a new kind of troops as cyber-military does not seem fantastic, but it is absolutely necessary to perform tasks of both defense and attack in the cyber sphere.

If we talk about the national model of the cyber security system, says the expert, it is worth studying and borrowing some elements from the experience of the State of Israel:

– On December 17, 2017, in order to institutionally optimize cybersecurity processes, the Israeli government approved the Prime Minister’s proposal to merge the National Cyber Center and the National Cyber Security Administration into the Israel National Cyber Directorate, which is responsible for all aspects of cyber security: formation of principles of state policy and increase of technological capacities to operational work of special divisions. This structure is also responsible for all aspects of cyber defense in the civil sector in order to establish effective coordination and interaction between the state and the private sector. It is expected that the National Cyber Directorate of Israel, as a newly created comprehensive state structure, will become a platform for the implementation of targeted and balanced policies in the fight against cybercrime and terrorism, combining the capabilities of the military and civilian sectors. This structure will also play an important role in protecting the interests of citizens, society and the state in cyberspace.

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