The University held a competition for the mental and intellectual game "What you know about EU?"

Department of Political Science and International Relations
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In order to promote knowledge about the European Union in Ukraine, the team of the EU Global Responsible Leadership: Climate Change, Environment and Humanitarian Aid (EU_LEAD) project, with the support of the EU Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Programme, held an intellectual Mind Game "What do you know about the EU?" with students of the International Relations study programme on April 15, 2024. The competition was attended by 9 teams (85 participants) of young intellectuals. During the event, the students learned more about the EU, got acquainted with the capitals and state symbols of the member states, and learned interesting facts about European countries. The winners received sweet prizes.

The results of the "What do you know about EU" Mind Game:

  • 1st place – "World Chaos" – 38 points;
  • 2nd place – "Eurocats" – 36 points (winning the battle);
  • 3rd place – "Human Virtues" – 36 points (winning the battle);
  • 4th place – "Madonna's Crown" – 36 points;
  • 5th place – "Democrats" – 34 points;
  • 6th place – "The Sun" – 32 points;
  • 7th place – "EU Countries and Partners" – 30 points;
  • 8th place – "Eurounity" – 29 points;
  • 9th place – "Democratic Hamsters" – 28 points.

The project team thanks all participants for their active participation and congratulates the winners.

More information about EU_LEAD is available on the project website within the Lviv Polytechnic Portal.

Фото зі змагань Фото зі змагань Фото зі змагань Фото зі змагань Фото зі змагань