The University Center for Innovative Educational Technologies creates an effective e-environment for distance education

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Within the framework of the working group «Education and Science» at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Department of Education and Science of the Lviv Regional Military Administration has prepared proposals to help improve the country's educational institutions as well as educational policy in wartime.

The proposed changes relate, in particular, to building an effective e-environment for quality distance education.

During 2020 – 2021, the Center for Innovative Educational Technologies, Lviv Polytechnic National University, developed and tested an effective system of preparing educational institutions for deployment, launch and use of the Moodle distance platform in general, vocational and professional pre-higher education institutions as well as training teachers of these institutions to work on the platform. In particular, a comprehensive program of online professional development of teachers has been developed, which provides for mastering the basic skills of working with the platform.

Teachers are trained on the Moodle distance platform of the Center for Innovative Educational Technologies in an interactive form. According to the training schedule of groups, teachers study at a convenient time of day without leaving the main work. Teachers perform tasks in the role of a student and a teacher, which allows them to understand the peculiarities of learning and the principles of working on an online platform, to understand the possibilities of tools and master them.

In 2021 teachers of Lviv region were trained according to this scheme, as part of the regional educational project «Moodle is pro100!». More than 2.8 thousand teachers were trained, 100 online platforms were launched in the educational institutions of Lviv region. The effectiveness of training was confirmed by the establishment of the Ukrainian Distance Learning School – a volunteer initiative that brought together teachers of Lviv and other regions of Ukraine to organize distance learning for 5th – 11th grades schoolchildren who were in the war zone and were forced to move to other regions of Ukraine or abroad and could not continue their education in their schools. 70% of school teachers are teachers of Lviv region, who participated in the project «Moodle is pro100» and have been trained in professional development courses. Now they combine work in the e-environment of their school and in the Ukrainian Distance Learning School.

The well-arranged mechanism of training organization and the trained staff of the Center for Innovative Educational Technologies allows to scale the training of teachers under this program for other regions of Ukraine, especially for areas that have suffered most from Russian aggression.

Given the above, the Department of Education and Science of Lviv Regional Military Administration believes that under the agreement of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine with Lviv Polytechnic National University on the provision of educational services for teachers, the Center for Innovative Educational Technologies by the end of 2022 will prepare up to 10 thousand teachers (10 teachers from each educational institution) under the program of the first stage of training and will launch online platforms in 1000 educational institutions of Ukraine. During 2023, the training of teachers in the second stage of training will be completed and the training of another 15,000 teachers will be started in the first stage, which will allow to deploy an additional 1,500 e-environments based on Moodle in educational institutions of Ukraine. If the capacity of the Center is increased, the number of students can be significantly increased.

Thus, it is possible to solve in a short time the problem of organizing distance learning in the territories affected by the Russian-Ukrainian war, to establish a system of training teachers for the deployment of e-environment, to solve the problem of e-diary, e-journal, web conferencing platform in the educational institution, as well as to promote the digitization of documents in the educational institution.

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