Training course on the Ukrainian language (NMT – 2023) has ended in the Spring School of the Department of Ukrainian Language

Скріншот з онлайн-школи

Training Course on the Ukrainian Language (NMT – 2023) for Lviv Polytechnic entrants has ended in the Spring School of the Department of Ukrainian Language, the Institute of the Humanities and Social Sciences.

To successfully pass the National Multi-Subject Test on the Ukrainian language, you need to revise all the rules on the following topics: phonetics, spelling, lexicology, morphology, syntax, and punctuation. For three weeks, entrants had the opportunity to master the norms of the Ukrainian literary language at all language levels.

During the training, Ihor Vasylyshyn drew the participants’ attention to the melodiousness of the Ukrainian language, helped them see the difference between letters and sounds, showed the secrets of how to correctly determine the number of letters and sounds in words.

During the training on the orthographic norms, Zoriana Kunch and Iryna Mentynska helped entrants learn to recognize complex orthograms, practice writing words according to the learned rules, as well as to learn to find and correct spelling mistakes.

Oksana Mykytiuk and Liliia Kharchuk explained the lexical norms which were included into ZNO tests that were given the previous years, and showed how to find lexical errors in the text, recognize the meaning of idioms and use them appropriately in speech.

Oksana Lytvyn reminded entrants the norms of the Ukrainian language at the morphological level.

During the training, the participants learned to distinguish correct grammatical forms from incorrect ones. The teachers drew attention to the declension of numerals and the compatibility of numerals with nouns. Halyna Horodylovska and Sofiia Bulyk-Verkhola helped the participants of the training to master syntactic rules (main and secondary clauses; different types of sentences).

The last day of the training was dedicated to punctuation standards. Entrants under the guidance of Iryna Shmilyk improved their punctuation skills.

We express our gratitude to all the participants of the Spring School for interesting communication and active work! We wish you all the best on your NMT!

Скріншот з онлайн-школи Скріншот з онлайн-школи Скріншот з онлайн-школи