The third stage of «To the top with ROSHEN» competition for ICCT academic staff and students continues

Заставка до конкурсу

From February 1 to March 20 Lviv Polytechnic holds a competition for academic staff of the Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technologies within the framework of the project «To the top wish ROSHEN». Students also can compete for individual scholarships from ROSHEN Confectionery Corporation.

30 students received scholarships and 14 teachers – surcharges in the first semester of 2020. In the second semester 37 students and 9 teachers became the winners. Some of them won the competition twice and are re-applying again.

– Representatives of Roshen Corporation care about improving the quality of education in Ukrainian universities. It is worth noting that they are not just looking for good students, their goal is to help educate community leaders, including those who can potentially work in their company as heads of departments. That is why so much attention is paid to encourage students and let them have more opportunities for learning and self-development as well as see the prospect of staying at universities. The same applies to young teachers: they are supported so that they can improve their professional skills. Only a highly professional teacher can educate a good professional. It should be noted that the amount of scholarships for students is almost three times higher than the state scholarship, and surcharges for teachers are commensurate with their salaries, added the Head of the Research and Development Department.

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