University Tech StartUp School hosted a startup presentation of projects of ATO participants – Veterano Breakthrough 2021

Заставка до Veterano Прорив 2021

Within the framework of the project «Norway – Ukraine. Professional adaptation. Integration into the State System», Tech StartUp School, Lviv Polytechnic National University, held a startup presentation of the projects of ATO participants – Veterano Breakthrough 2021, organized jointly with the public association «Nove suspilstvo Ukrainy» (New Society of Ukraine) and the International Foundation for Social Adaptation.

9 teams pitched their projects:

  • DREAMДІМ – production of frame-modular houses;
  • PRIOL – production of seals, cliches and stamps;
  • Paintball club «FoX tactical» – paintball club;
  • – creation of a food bank for socially vulnerable groups;
  • DOMОлія – production of craft linseed oil;
  • Workshop Factura – making a bicycle out of wood;
  • Network of beekeeping establishments – craft honey;
  • Safe house – designing life-safety systems;
  • Quail farm – the creation of a modern farm for growing quails.

Participants received not only advice from the jury, but also a huge experience of pitching in front of investors. Some teams received support for the development and creation of their websites.

Фото із Veterano Прорив 2021 Фото із Veterano Прорив 2021