A seminar between the faculties of University of Jena and the HEIs of Ukraine was held at the Department of Applied Linguistics

Скріншот з онлайн-семінару

On December 5, 2022, within the Six courses on Digital Ukrainian Philology (DAAD) project, a seminar on the topic «Effective Tools and Methodologies for Teaching Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics of Ukrainian» at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany, was hosted both offline and online on the Zoom platform. The event, held for the teaching staff, researchers and students, aimed to promote the exchange of experience and best practices in teaching technical disciplines to philologists.

The seminar contributed to the achievement of the following goals:

  • establishment of dialogue and cooperation between teachers and researchers in academic circles;
  • ensuring discussion, exchange of methods and tools for teaching humanitarian specialties
  • analysis of software tools and resources for teaching technical disciplines to philologists;
  • identifying the difficulties that teachers face when teaching technical disciplines to students of philological majors.

The experts in the specified philological disciplines from the German university, in particular, Professor Ruprecht von Waldenfels, Slavic linguistics, the University of Jena, and scientists from Ukrainian universities, namely Mariia Shvedova, Solomiia Buk, Olha Kanishcheva, Vasyl Starko, Serhii Fokin, Olha Zahorodnia, Rusudan Mahashvili and others participated in the seminar.

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Скріншот з онлайн-семінару Скріншот з онлайн-семінару
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