Congratulations of the Lviv Polytechnic Rector on the Constitution Day of Ukraine

Національний університет «Львівська політехніка»

Dear Polytechnicians!

Today is a particularly important day: a quarter of a century ago, our people received not just the Law, but a guarantee of their rights and freedoms. The Constitution of Ukraine has finally established our state – sovereign and independent.

«I have a right and a duty!» – this is the basis of the Constitution of Ukraine. For centuries our people have longed for it. Hundreds of Ukrainian families, thousands of the best and most conscious our compatriots sacrificed their lives and peace for this.

The right to have the respect for dignity, the freedom of thought and speech, the right to work, to be educated… This is not the whole list of rights the Constitution guarantees and guards. In Lviv Polytechnic we try to provide them as much as possible. For us, these are not declarative words, but principles that guide us in developing our University. We create the right conditions and guarantee not just education, but the acquisition of a quality profession with which young people can realize themselves in life. We work on improving the internal processes of our University so that employees are as comfortable as possible to achieve professional success, we help everyone to develop in accordance with the requirements of the time.

Dear Polytechnicians, let’s not forget that we are the state and the responsibility for how the law works, for what we have achieved or what we still need to strive for, depends on the behavior and efforts of each individual. That is why we must do what we can in our place to change life in Ukraine.

Inspiration and unity to all of us in our daily work, in achieving high goals and creating a country that our parents dreamed of, in which we will be comfortable to live and for which future generations will feel proud!

Yurii Bobalo,

Rector of Lviv Polytechnic National University