Employees of the public sphere are invited to the IAPE for upskilling courses on the formation of competitive relations

Заставка до курсів

In order to increase knowledge and skills in the formation and implementation of competition policy, the Department of Theoretical and Applied Economics, the Institute of Administration and Postgraduate Education, Lviv Polytechnic, invites public sector employees, including the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, to take upskilling courses.

  • Module 1. Competition policy in modern conditions
  1. The essence and determinants of competitive development of enterprises in commodity markets.
  2. Socio-economic aspect of reducing the competitive development of economic entities.
  3. The value of awareness for competitive activities.
  4. Peculiarities of forming competitive relationships in interaction with the state
  • Module 2. Economic bases of competition policy in monopolized markets
  1. Directions and goals of antitrust regulation of economics
  2. Regulation of natural monopolies
  3. Regulation of potentially competitive markets
  4. Economic regulation of public enterprises.

The courses are held online on the Google Meet platform.

The planned period of the courses is September 2021 (the start date will be announced to future students after the formation of the group). Duration of training – 5 days (total amount – 15 hours).

For concluding contracts and resolving financial issues, please call: 068–351–14–96, 032–258–23–54.