Polytechnicians join the world event in computer game development Global Game Jam 2022

Львівські учасники Global Game Jam

For the third time, Lviv has joined the largest global event for the development of computer games Global Game Jam.

Global Game Jam is the largest international competition for computer games. Game professionals and enthusiasts come together to work on game development. Both team and individual developments are accepted here. You can use any tools and technologies. The main thing is to create a game during the jam and share its code on the official website.

The Global Game Jam has been held for the fourteenth time in the world. This time there were almost 29,000 participants from 100 countries who created more than 5,000 games. In 2022, 367 developers took part in the Global Game Jam in Ukraine.

In Lviv, this year’s event was organized by the Child-Friendly School, the Digital Learning educational IT project, and the Board and Trade Union Bureau, the Institute of Computer Science and Information Technologies, Lviv Polytechnic National University. The offline part took place in the Sigma Software office on Naukova Street. About 20 participants joined this year’s hackathon, mostly schoolchildren and Lviv Polytechnic students.

In Lviv, won the youngest hackathon team – a team of students of 5th – 6th grades from two Lviv schools: Lviv Academic Gymnasium at Lviv Polytechnic National University and Lyceum of Lviv City Council. The team carefully and professionally worked out the schedule of the game: it is a maze where two characters move – a square and a circle, which are controlled by two players.

All participants received prizes from the Lviv IT companies Sigma Software and Sombra: computer equipment, board games and construction sets, as well as souvenirs.

Three games of Lviv teams were published on the official website of Global Game Jam Ukraine.