Polytechnicians continue to work hard to win

Медичний автомобіль для військових

Employees of Lviv Polytechnic have been volunteering and raising funds to support our soldiers since the first day of the full-scale war. Polytechnicians self-organized very quickly, because they have not stopped helping our defenders since 2014, when they began to defend the eastern territories of our state.

― From the first day of the full-scale war, researchers and teaching staff began to raise funds to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the 24th Brigade named after King Danylo in particular. In early April, the Lviv Polytechnic Prosvita Society initiated a fundraiser in support of the Armed Forces. We have developed legal rules for such assistance. In April, the Institutes and Departments of our University collected 960,000 hryvnias these funds were transferred to the account of the Armed Forces. In addition, a lot of money was raised separately by initiative groups in the Institutes. In total, Polytechnicians donated 1,800,000 hryvnias to help purchase the cars, bulletproof vests, communications equipment, etc. They continue to work with units of the Armed Forces or with volunteer groups, responding to the actual needs of our soldiers. As long as the war lasts, Polytechnicians will support such an initiative, said Oleh Matviikiv, First Vice-Rector of Lviv Polytechnic.

And recently, the Center for Humanitarian Aid of our University once again donated an ambulance for the hospital of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, equipped with all the necessary medical equipment: a defibrillator, a ventilator, cardio equipment and more.

― Our philanthropic friends - a family from Great Britain - have already bought the fifth car for the Armed Forces: three ambulances and two cars for the military. The ambulance we are handing over now is the best of all, because it is fully equipped. Usually a vehicle that is handed over needs additional equipment, and medical equipment is very expensive, explained Volodymyr Shepitchak, Head of the Center for Humanitarian Aid of Lviv Polytechnic. ― We work directly with the commanders of various military units or their representatives. Needs have now diminished, as many armed groups are better equipped. But there are still requests to purchase the most necessary for the military, who are just going to the front. We also help buy thermal imagers, optical sights, laptops, these are expensive things. As for motor vehicles, they are very needed, especially in places of active hostilities. We buy such cars for different military units - each of the five cars went to another military unit. The first car was sent to the front line to take out the wounded, as it was properly equipped and suitable for off-road. The benefactors transferred the second ambulance to Yavoriv hospital. This was decided after the missile strikes on the Yavoriv International Peacekeeping and Security Center. Now we have another order for two special vehicles for the military.

The Center for Humanitarian Aid cooperates with philanthropists from Germany ― they donate medicine and medical equipment. There is also support from Italy and England ― food, medicine, etc.

― We help internally displaced persons who are in the Center of Temporary Accommodation at Lviv Polytechnic. We are in constant relations with the coordinators of these centers and provide the necessary things for their needs as much as possible, added Volodymyr Shepitchak.

Медичний автомобіль для військових Медичний автомобіль для військових Медичний автомобіль для військових Медичний автомобіль для військових Медичний автомобіль для військових Медичний автомобіль для військових