Pavlo Zhezhnych tells about the construction of a new core network of the University based on the hardware BGP-router

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Information and telecommunication networks of Lviv Polytechnic are built on the third-level router Cisco 6509, which allows providing 10-gigabit streams. Routing of external networks for autonomous systems, in particular the network of dormitories AS 51381 and the network of our university AS 24893, is provided by a BGP router based on the IBM X3650 M4 server. The new implementation will increase network productivity.

– What steps need to be taken to build a new core?

– The new core of the information and telecommunication network of Lviv Polytechnic is planned to be built on the basis of a hardware BGP router. Accordingly, we need to purchase the necessary equipment, install it and configure. Its construction is connected with the establishment of the Lviv Polytechnic Data Processing Center, which started operating in a test mode in the summer of 2021. Such an update will provide better conditions for the operation of network equipment, – explains Pavlo Zhezhnych, Vice-Rector for Education and Informatization.

– What are the advantages of the project?

– The main effect of the implementation of the new core of the information and telecommunication network of the University is to increase the productivity of the network due to more powerful hardware BGP router, to increase the reliability of the network by increasing the number of network cores.

– At what stage is this implementation now?

– Equipment for the core network is in the procurement process. Tender procedures are bureaucratic and do not give a guaranteed result. We hope to buy it by the end of the year.