Pavlo Zhezhnych: «The Data Processing Center is designed to provide a qualitatively new level of reliability of server equipment»

Павло Жежнич

The Data Processing Center is being set up at Lviv Polytechnic. Its purpose is to ensure the operation of information and communication systems. We interviewed Pavlo Zhezhnych, Vice-Rector for Education and Informatization, about the project implementation.

– What has already been done in the process of project implementation?

– The second stage of establishing the Data Processing Center has been completed. It will provide centralized placement and maintenance of servers of all structures of Lviv Polytechnic, as well as third-party organizations. In total there are 160 servers. An air conditioning system and an uninterruptible power supply have already been installed for the data center, as well as two new power cords.

– Has the Data Processing Center started working?

– Since June, the Data Processing Center (DPC) has been operating in a test mode. This made it possible to start transferring the server equipment of the units to the Data Center.

– How long will it take to transfer the server equipment of the units to the DPC?

– The load on the new core network of the University will be carried out gradually. At first, we will transfer the equipment from two University IT Departments – the Training Technical Centre of Network Technologies and the Center of Information Support. This can take half a year or more, because the most important thing in this process is to ensure the reliability of information systems and services of Lviv Polytechnic. Then the server equipment of other Departments will be also transferred. This may take longer as the procedure is not critical for the University. But we will strongly encourage doing so, since the Data Center is designed to provide a qualitatively new level of reliability of server equipment.

– Are there any requirements for server equipment?

– Yes, there are certain requirements for the equipment that can be placed in the DPC. The University has some servers that do not match them. Mostly this equipment is in operation for a long time – up to 10 years or more. Obviously, such servers will soon be decommissioned, so it makes no sense to plan their transfer to the Data Center.

– What else needs to be done for the Center to work fully?

– In order to fully operate, we need to purchase the appropriate network equipment, as the next steps depend on it. All subsequent stages of implementation relate exclusively to technical tasks. Qualified specialists are working on them, and enough time is calculated for this process.