Password manager and data encryptor: startups of students majoring in Cyber Security at Lviv Polytechnic

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War is not a reason to put quality IT education on hold. Therefore, 18 updated bachelor’s programs continue to operate in Lviv at 4 universities where 4,500 students study (Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Lviv State University of Life Safety, and Lviv National Academy of Arts).

From the first days, their training is adapted to the needs of the industry. So, last academic semester, sophomores majoring in Cyber Security at Lviv Polytechnic worked on their own projects together with mentors from IT companies. Among the developments there are data encryptors, password managers, websites for city guests and IDPs, as well as applications for students. So, here is some information about several of them.

CooKey: Hides your passwords from prying eyes

CooKey is a password manager. The team has already managed to implement the functions of saving existing passwords and generating new ones according to various parameters.

«Passwords are easily forgotten. Writing down passwords in a separate file or notebook can lead your important information and, in general, all personal data to fall into third-party hands. However, thanks to the password manager, you can get rid of some of this stress and get secure access to any of your accounts», said Ivan-Yulian Pliatsushok, Team Designer.

This application is not similar to any of the existing competitors, as it was developed specifically for the realities of our time. It contains a fake password master that may be useful for people on occupied territories. After all, while passing checkpoints or even on the streets, occupiers check phones. If Russians find pro-Ukrainian posts or information about support for the Armed Forces in mobile devices, people may not only lose their freedom and health, but also their lives.

«A person can enter a backup password master and end up on a fake page with fake passwords. In this way, he can potentially protect his data», said Anastasiia Boiko, Backend Developer.

CipherTool: Encrypts your data

CipherTool is a project created to improve the accessibility of file transfer security in the network. Students say: the tool will help protect both large companies and individual users from data leakage.

«The program works according to the following principle: the user chooses a password and encryption method. After that, he can either send the file or keep it for himself. To decrypt the document, it is enough to enter the key – and the received file will not differ from the original», says Danylo Volkov, Team Lead.

The tool, created by students, is incredibly relevant. After all, data leaks happen almost every day, and even such giants as Twitter suffer from this. At the end of December 2022, it became known that the company had a data leak. Hackers stole email addresses of more than 200 million users and posted them on a forum.

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