Partnership of Ukrainian and Polish scientists at the conference on Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal

Фото з конференції

For the fourth time, Lviv Polytechnic held an international scientific and technical conference «Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal Designing, Construction, Operation and Monitoring». The participants of the conference noted that this issue cannot be local, and only the unification around a common idea and cooperation, especially in the scientific field, will provide truly tangible results.

– It is symbolic that this conference is held in the time of environmental threats, and that it is international, because it is impossible to share neither the environment nor cooperation in the field of the most important resource on the planet today – water and, respectively, water supply and other processes related to water disposal, water treatment, supply, drainage, etc. We are all well aware that strategic cooperation between Poland and Ukraine in terms of water basins is important, because the rivers that originate in Ukraine flow into the Baltic Sea and pass through the territory of Polish Voivodeships. Therefore, it is very important to coordinate joint actions in the scientific and technical spheres in matters of environmental protection, – said Ivan Demydov, Vice-Rector for Scientific Research.

Rational use of water is key today in the field of ecology, because the supply of fresh water is limited, and a reasonable approach to its use will allow longer use of its reserves. The topics of the reports and discussions touched upon the following issues: water and wastewater networks; treatment of water, wastewater and sludge; economics of water supply and wastewater treatment; influence of water and wastewater control elements on the environment.

– Our task today is to share the information gathered in the Lublin voivodeship, which has already reached an international scale, because it is very important for the functioning of our border voivodships. Many Polish scientists have been interested in this issue, have repeatedly organized conferences on this topic and reported on the threats to our common water space. Today I thank you for the invitation to this scientific and technical conference at Lviv Polytechnic dedicated to Water Supply. Within it, several key issues need to be raised: to justify why this problem is truly global and international, what chances this partnership will give us to prevent global threats, what we, Ukrainians and Poles, can and should do to preserve the cleanliness of water in each country. We want our partnership to be strengthened by territorial cooperation, in particular in economic issues and innovations of international scale, – said Zbigniew Wojciechowski, Vice Marshal of the Lublin Voivodeship, the Republic of Poland.

Ruslan Hrechanyk, Director of the Department of Ecology and Natural Resources, Lviv Regional State Administration, added that this issue concerns not only scientists – it is important that state authorities at all levels carry out legislative regulation of drainage and water use. This is a very important issue for Lviv, thus a number of strategic steps are being implemented to introduce legislative initiatives for the implementation of EU legislation.

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