Opportunities for Ukrainian scientists to cooperate with the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT)

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The Project Office, Lviv Polytechnic National University, informs scientists and innovators about the possibilities of cooperation with the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).

EIT is an independent body of the European Union, established in 2008 to promote innovation in Europe. It brings together leading business, education and research organizations to form dynamic cross-border partnerships. They are called innovation communities, and each of them is dedicated to finding solutions to a specific global problem. EIT innovation communities develop innovative products and services, found new companies and train a new generation of entrepreneurs.

The main objectives of the EIT are to increase Europe’s competitiveness, its sustainable economic growth and job creation by promoting and strengthening cooperation between leading business, educational and research organisations. In addition, it focuses on stimulating innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe, creating an environment for creative and innovative thoughts to flourish.

Within EIT, 10 innovative communities can be identified, each of which is dedicated to its own area of research. For example, EIT Climate-KIC is engaged in innovation for climate protection.

There are many opportunities to join the EIT community and its wide range of innovation support activities across Europe, from training and education programmes, business incubators and accelerators to innovation-driven research projects. As part of the EIT community, a participant can gain access to new partners, facilities, disciplines, industries and cultures.

More details are available on the EIT website.