Operations in VR: students of the Internet of Things program, Lviv Polytechnic, are developing an application for physicians

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Students of the Department of Computerized Automatic Systems, the Institute of Computer Technologies, Automation and Metrology, Lviv Polytechnic, who major the Internet of Things program, are developing a special application for physicians. Preliminarily, they plan to create a virtual environment in which a future doctor will be able to see the real operation. This requires virtual reality glasses and a teacher who will comment on each action of the surgeon. According to Polytechnic students, such an application with a complete overview of the operating room will be able to improve the learning process of their medical colleagues.

Second-year students of Lviv Polytechnic are developing an application with which medical students will be able to observe the operation in virtual reality.

«It was planned that students would be able to perform the operation themselves. We even had the first stages in the development, but after consultation we understood that it was not so important. First of all, it is necessary to implement live video lessons of operations», says Mariia Martsiv, a University student.

Such training requires special virtual reality glasses. To make the project cheaper, Polytechnic students are working on what to replace them with.

«They will be able to see the progress of the operation. They will be able to see it live in 360-degree video. In addition, they will be able to watch this video with their professor, other students, and share their thoughts. The professor will be able to explain the operation», says Oleksandr Borylo, a student of the Internet of Things program at Lviv Polytechnic.

Nazar Kalynovych is a surgeon at the 8th City Clinical Hospital. He helps students develop applications for future physicians.

«Especially during a pandemic, it’s very useful. The most important thing in our operations is the nuances, the details. This is the task we set ourselves. It’s not easy to film that we are doing an operation, there are three steps and that’s all. We want to detail the course of each operation as much as possible so that it was as clear as possible and the student could get all the answers to their questions after reviewing the educational materials», says Nazar Kalynovych.

The doctor also teaches at the Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University.

According to the developers, the application will operate in about two years.

Розробники застосунку Розробники застосунку Розробники застосунку Розробники застосунку