An open lecture on Resource Efficiency and presentation of the Povtor project took place at the FTC Department

афіша лекції «Ресурсозбереження як елемент циркулярної економіки»

An open lecture «Resource Efficiency as an Element of the Circular Economy» conducted by Oksana Muzychenko, CSc (Econ.), Associate Professor at the Department of Business Economics and Investment, the Institute of Economics and Management, was held at the Department of Foreign Trade and Customs, Lviv Polytechnic, within the framework of the implementation of the Jean Monnet Module «EU competitiveness boosting: circular economy». Also there was a presentation of the Povtor project – online supermarket with reusable packaging – of the graduates of the FTC Department.

Participants discussed resource efficiency, the principles of the circular economy, in particular the principle of «zero waste», and prospects for their adaptation in Ukraine.