Not only academic staff, but students are vaccinated at Lviv Polytechnic

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As of September 7, more than 56 percent of scientific and pedagogical workers were vaccinated at Lviv Polytechnic. Students are also vaccinated against the dangerous disease COVID-19.

– It is clear that vaccination does not guarantee 100% protection, but still, even if a person gets sick, the disease will run in a much milder form. It is also the security of the state, because the more people get sick, the longer the quarantine restrictions will be and we will have to go on lockdown again when many companies will not work, educational institutions will not function fully and, as a result, the country’s economy will undergo negative changes. Therefore, the issue of vaccination should be treated with special responsibility. I recommend vaccinating as many people as possible. This also applies to young people, because students are the most mobile – they travel a lot to different cities, change communication environments and the risk of getting sick is higher, – said Vasyl Danchak, chief physician at the Municipal Clinical Hospital No.10 in Lviv.

In this Clinical Hospital, one team vaccinate 60–70 people daily. Today, two vaccination rooms are constantly working.

– In our clinic vaccinations began on July 28. At first, our crews went for a few days to the Lviv Arena, the Dovzhenko Cinema, and the Victoria Gardens shopping and entertainment center. Active vaccination of employees and students began on August 3. Many students who have returned to study are now among those willing to be vaccinated. 5–6-year-students are more conscious, I think this is due to the fact that many of them work. Now you can get vaccinated with Pfizer vaccine and get a second dose of Moderna vaccine, – says Halyna Skyba, an otolaryngologist at the Municipal Clinical Hospital No.10 in Lviv.

In order to be vaccinated, it is enough to come to the Clinical Hospital, where doctors will conduct the necessary examination before vaccination and accompaniment after the procedure. Polytechnic students also have the opportunity to pre-register for the procedures by filling out a form from the Students’ Board and Students and PhD Students Union of our University.