I wish you and your families peace, joy, happiness and health!

Фото Дмитра Григорчака

Dear Polytechnic family!

It is not enough to say that the passing year was just unexpected. We have actually learned to live in different conditions, to respond to challenges that in the beginning of 2020 we could not even imagine. This year has tested the strength of each of us. We rethought the importance of live communication, understood the path of each person dear to us, overestimated the opportunity to travel around the world freely and without fuss.

Unfortunately, this year was a year of great losses for Lviv Polytechnic. We said goodbye to the luminaries of science at many our Institutes, we bowed our heads in sorrow and grief – here for an epoch, gone in a day.

But the passing year has also been a year of new attempts, new initiatives and projects. The important thing is that we did not stop! Thanks to well-coordinated teamwork and dedication to the University, our students continued their studies, we started working with foreign colleagues. Our scientific potential has also grown and it is proved by a number of national awards and honours. The University material and technical base for study and development of students and researchers has been updated.

This year, Lviv Polytechnic has been enriched with two renewed pearls of architecture, historically valuable restored Assembly Hall and Julian Zachariewicz Hall, which are admired by all who has ever seen them.

I want to thank each and every one of you for your work, diligence and dedication to Lviv Polytechnic. I appreciate everything you do and I know how much you support our University. Due to your efforts, Polytechnic ranks high in international rankings and is one of the best and most progressive institutions of higher education in Ukraine.

Today, standing at the threshold of a New Year, we all expect change. Each of us hopes that next year will be different – much more successful. And we will be able to appreciate it, as during this time we have learned to notice more, to analyze better and to have something to compare with.

I wish you and your families peace, joy, happiness and health! May each of you feel unity and warmth in the family of Lviv Polytechnic. I wish you have lots of opportunities and ways for development and growth, and our University will thrive together with you!


Photo by Dmytro Hryhorchak