New competitions of the European Union’s Erasmus+ 2022 programme with a budget of almost 4 billion euros are launched

Лого Еразмус+

On November 24, 2021, the European Commission announced a new Erasmus+ competition for 2022, adopting the Annual Work Programme 2022. With an increased budget of almost 4 billion euros for next year, Erasmus+ will continue to provide opportunities for exchanges of students, teaching staff and internships, as well as creation of cross-border cooperation projects in the field of education and professional development, youth and sports.

The programme will continue to support and encourage young people to participate in democratic life, making a significant contribution to achieving the goals of the European Year of Youth 2022, which was announced in September 2021.

The main innovations introduced in the competitions are:

  • Forward-looking projects;
  • More exchanges with third countries;
  • More inclusive DiscoverEU;
  • Bringing the EU closer to schools;
  • Simpler financing of cooperation projects.

For the successful participation of organizations in new competitions, the Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture in cooperation with the European Education and Culture Executive Agency conduct a number of international online events on open opportunities and conditions of competitions, as well as the National Erasmus+ Office in Ukraine in cooperation with partners.

More details are available on the website of the National Erasmus+ Office in Ukraine.