N-iX specialists launch Unreal Engine course for Polytechnic students majoring in Software Engineering

Фахівці N-iX

N-iX believes that investing in education is investing in a better future for our country. That is why the company’s specialists regularly join educational initiatives, support talented young people and cooperate with universities to improve educational programs.

This time, N-iX and Lviv Polytechnic National University have teamed up to develop training course in the field of virtual reality and computer games development. N-iX Game & VR Studio has been employing more than 150 professionals and implementing more than 75 successful projects for clients from all over the world. Its specialists have developed a course on Unreal Engine technology for students majoring in Software Engineering at Lviv Polytechnic. It starts this spring.

Work on the course began in the spring of 2019. During the year, Tetiana Tsymbaliuk, a lecturer at Lviv Polytechnic, regularly visited the office, had her own workplace, and studied the subject under the supervision of N-iX experts. In 2020, N-iX specialists started the active development of the course program, which lasted about 3 months. They prepared theoretical and practical parts, methodical materials, as well as conducted testing at the company’s level – several N-iX members volunteered to take classes in their free time and provided their feedback, according to which adjustments were made.

Specialists will acquaint students with the industry, game design and the main areas of the development. The emphasis will be on the practical part – students will be able to try, test, get answers to questions, as well as perform creative tasks.

According to Danylo Poludionny, AVP Delivery and Head of Game & VR Studio at N-iX, such an initiative will help replenish the market with new qualified specialists:

– Our goal is to help universities with modern technologies, to make learning process more relevant and applied as well as to grow a new generation of cool professionals. In addition, our Game & VR studio is growing and the demand for new qualified professionals is increasing, so we will be happy to offer new opportunities for talented young people.

More details you can find in the article Фахівці N-iX запускають курс по Unreal Engine у Львівській Політехніці on the N-iX website.

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