Lviv Polytechnic University held a graduation ceremony for participants of the Junior MBA

Фото з випуску

More than 200 participants from various communities of the region joined the project, which operated within the Smart Space innovative space. Thanks to this, they gained access to high-quality educational and cultural services at the European level, revealed their creative potential and entrepreneurial abilities, acquired relevant skills for running a business, learned to think creatively and implement their ideas with the help of mentoring support.

Nine months of fruitful work behind gave unforgettable impressions, a lot of new knowledge and strong friendship. During this time, the Junior MBA project has become a real platform for self-development and realization of young people. Participants from Khodoriv, Strilky, Pidberiztsi, Shehynia, Solonka, Mostysk and Lviv communities had the opportunity not only to acquire new knowledge and skills, but also to find like-minded people, establish business relations and get motivated to achieve their goals.

Among the participants from Lviv educational institutions there were students of Vasyl Stus Lyceum of International Relations, Physics and Mathematics Lyceum, Vasyl Symonenko Lyceum, Kokorudziv Lyceum No. 5 and Lviv Lyceum.

Taisia Yarosh, a graduate of the project, event manager, volunteer and plast member, took part in the Smart Space program for the second time this year. The girl is sure that it was the trainings that helped her to find an idea for her own project and start implementing it.

– Now, together with the team, I am working on the creation and development of Wellness – a community for people who are interested in a healthy lifestyle and strive to introduce it into their routine, says Taisia.

During the project events, the guests of honour were various well-known persons, in particular, Oleh Matviikiv, the First Vice-Rector of Lviv Polytechnic, Roman Khimiak, Head of the Department of Youth and Sports, Lviv Regional Military Administration, Halyna Pyryn, Deputy Head of the Department for Educational Policy of the City Department of Education, Oleksandra Mokii, Head of the Training and Development Department at ELEKS University and IT-STEP university teacher, Olha Dolia, Educational Partnership Associate Director at SoftServe with Lviv universities, in particular with Lviv Polytechnic, Oleh Karyi, Head of the IEM Department of Management of Organizations, and Andrii Dovbush, program manager at SoftServe.

According to Olha Dolia, the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. And according to Oleh Matviikiv, thanks to the project, you can plan for your future and open up many perspectives for yourself.

– The MBA program adapted for young people forms a comprehensive understanding of business as a process. We develop entrepreneurial thinking in our participants: creativity and the ability to see opportunities that open up. All this is for the generation of unique ideas and the creation of qualitatively new business solutions, said Iryna Andrushkiv, the founder and organizer of the project, Assistant Professor at the Department of Administrative and Financial Management, IPAG, Lviv Polytechnic.

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