Lviv Polytechnic Rector’s Easter greetings

Lviv Polytechnic Rector

Dear polytechnics, your nearest and dearest!

On the eve of bright and joyful Jesus Christ’s Resurrection, I would like to congratulate you on this Great Day – «the Holiday of all Holidays and Triumph of all Triumphs»!

This is a holiday of spiritual revival, joy and hope, which is particularly significant for every Ukrainian. It is not only because this holiday comes to us together with blossoming and warm season – spring, but also because it is, first of all, the symbol of the victory of life over death, the good over the evil, light over darkness, hope over hopelessness.

Our Creator’s words addressed to people «Peace to you!» gain particular significance today. All of us do need peace. The undeclared war against the Russian aggressor is still going on in the east of our country. This war has already taken thousands of lives. That is why we pray for peace for our Motherland.

Today we also have to remember the feat of the heroes of the Heavenly Hundred and outstanding warriors – ATO soldiers. Strong and powerful, independent and united Ukrainian state will become the best spiritual monument to them.

Before Easter, we received a long-hoped for present: European Parliament voted for granting Ukrainian citizens a visa-free regime with EU. I believe this decision is a historic one in our striving for Eurointegration. It is an important result of the fight we all led during the Revolution of Dignity and overthrowing the authoritarian regime.

This item of news is particularly happy and hopeful for our students and lecturers, who, from now on, will be able to cross European borders easily in order to establish educational and academic contacts with their colleagues in the West. Thus they can implement Eurointegration strivings of our country.

Lviv Polytechnic, which celebrated its bicentenary last year, is now developing and changing dynamically. This jubilee was another proof of our European congeniality. It has become a common thing that new educational research laboratories are being opened in the University. We are pursuing our hard work in raising standards of admission. We are making the range of new specialities and directions wider. A lot of attention is paid to spiritual and patriotic education of our students, their physical well-being. Recently, University has purchased a new recreation camp near Lake Svityaz.

Lviv Polytechnic staff face wide-scale complicated tasks. I am sure that we will be able to take all the educational process to a higher level, strengthen and modernize infrastructure, to improve research work. I am confident in this and I know that all Lviv polytechnics believe in this – students as well as lecturers!

On this Great Day, let your conscience help you find the way to the truth and spiritual revival in the everyday rat race, reach out to the weak, respect each other, do good actions with love and faith for the sake of your people and Ukraine!

I wish you happiness, love, peace and firm faith in better future!

Christ has risen! Indeed He has risen!

Yuriy Bobalo,
Lviv Polytechnic National University Rector