Lviv Polytechnic launches the restoration process of three sculptures from the Dominican Monastery

Микола Бевз

The Department of Architecture and Conservation, the Institute of Architecture and Design, Lviv Polytechnic, has started to restore three sculptures from the Dominican Monastery in Pidkamin. About 50,000 euros are needed to restore one sculpture. Mykola Bevz, Head of the Department of Architecture and Conservation, told Suspilne media about this project.

According to the scientist, three of the four sculptures in Baroque technique will be restored at Lviv Polytechnic. Previously, they were located in the upper part of the bell tower on the territory of the Dominican Monastery in the town of Pidkamin.

«The wood was ruined by the wind, frost, and rain. After the accident the sculptures were not preserved properly», says Mykola Bevz.

Now the restorers are working on the first sculpture. The lesions were eliminated and 3D measurements were performed in order to participate in the European grant. Mykola Bevz says that the restoration of one sculpture requires about 50,000 euros.

«We will use special salt solutions to impregnate the wood. Then we will take the medical systems, pour a special solution into those systems and use two drips for a week», says Mykola Bevz.

The sculpture of Saint Dominic is more than 250 years old. Oleh Rybchynskyi, Professor at the Department of Architecture and Conservation, Lviv Polytechnic, says that it was created by Marian Osinskyi, a sculptor of the 18th century. The statue is made of wood and copper sheets.

«We have to carry out conservation measures and stabilize the wood. We have to fight mold, there is a lot of it, and bugs. We need clean and strengthen the wood, and then think about glue, what to fill the cavity with, and how to clean the sculpture from other types of pollution and pests», says Oleh Rybchynskyi.

The scientist says that this is an experimental project. Later, they plan to apply this technique to other sculptures as well.