Lviv Polytechnic first-year students will study offline

Студенти Львівської політехніки

The relevant order «On conducting classes for the first-year students in the fall semester of 2022/23 academic year» was accepted at Lviv Polytechnic to implement orders of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Ukraine No. 1 /7035–22 dated 06/27/2022 «On preparation for the start and peculiarities of the organization of the educational process in the 2022/23 academic year» and No. 1/8462–22 dated 07/26/2022 «On optimizing the implementation of measures to prepare educational institutions for the new academic year and the heating season under martial law conditions».

― Study for the first-year bachelor’s students who entered on the basis of a full secondary general education and those who entered on the basis of a junior specialist’s diploma for the first year (with a shortened period of study) begins on September 15. For these students, lectures, practical and laboratory classes will be held offline in the classrooms of academic buildings.

For the first-year master’s students, study will begin on October 1 in a mixed format: lectures will be held online, practical and laboratory classes will be held offline. The situation is the same for the first-year postgraduate students. They start on September 5, – explained Oleh Davydchak, Vice-Rector for Graduate Education. ― The schedule is arranged in such a way that lectures and practical lessons are held in different days. This will make it possible to distribute students in different buildings and avoid their overcrowding.

It is also provided that in case of an air alarm, students accompanied by teachers will go to the shelter.

― After the repulse of the air alarm signal, students must return to the classrooms of the University’s academic buildings and continue their classes as scheduled. If the interrupted class has already ended, students can receive all materials, lecture material, and presentations through the Virtual Learning Environment. If necessary, the academic will give additional advice to the students in the next lesson.

Settlement of the first-year students in dormitories begins after the publication of the order on student enrollment, i.e. after September 5.

― Settlement in dormitories will start on September 6 and will last until the end of the month. We will try to provide all willing freshmen with a place to live. Entrants have to write applications for settlement, submitting original study documents. It is worth noting that the dormitories are equipped with shelters in case of an air raid, – emphasized Roman Korzh, Vice-Rector for Education and Social Development.

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