Lviv Polytechnic Art Space: the team of the Department of Engineering Geodesy joins the project

Представники кафедри інженерної геодезії

The Institute of Geodesy has joined the large-scale project for the improvement of the territory of the Lviv Polytechnic campus. They aim not only to support the implementation of the project, but are interested to implement their own competencies.

Olha Smirnova, Deputy Head of the Department of Engineering Geodesy, sees the need to reorganize the Polytechnic territory on the example of Western HEIs, whose territory is multifunctional and is created for the convenience and needs of students. She wants to realize the full potential of the area. The landscaping plan covers the main infrastructure of the campus, which opens up a lot of space for the realization of the most ambitious desires. The project manager, architect Dmytro Sorokevych, agrees with this, seeing prospects in the implementation of an ambitious project of the Alumni Association.

«On the territory between the second and fourth academic buildings, employees of the Department of Engineering Geodesy created the geodetic landfill and students of the entire Institute of Geodesy carry out laboratory works here, undergoing internship using modern geodetic instruments. A draft basis for metrological research of modern geodetic instruments has also been developed. It will be very good if at the construction stage we can establish here modern reference centers to perform a complex of geodetic works during study, as well as to conduct upskilling courses» says Anatoii Tserklevych, Head of the Department of Engineering Geodesy.

The project also involves students of the Department, who on their own initiative want to change and modernize the campus of their alma mater. From the very beginning, Polytechnicians are involved in the implementation, in order not only to improve their professional skills, but also to realize their vision on landscaping the territory where they will have to study and work.

«In fact, after watching foreign films I imagined the University a little differently. When I came here, I saw this concrete area, these concrete slabs, dumps and that was not what I expected. Therefore, I support the project of the Youth Art Space of the University and I am ready to join the project team to help», shares his thoughts Oleksandr Hrabovyi, a fourth-year student of the Institute of Geodesy.

Ihor Pavlishevskyi, Chairman of the Board of the Alumni Association, says that at each new meeting on the discussion of the project concept of the Youth Art Space of Lviv Polytechnic, he sees the desire and motivation for action by both academic staff and students. «It confirms what I believe in – real projects will unite students, academic staff and graduates», says Ihor Pavlishevskyi.

Представники кафедри інженерної геодезії Представники кафедри інженерної геодезії Представники кафедри інженерної геодезії Представники кафедри інженерної геодезії Представники кафедри інженерної геодезії