The latest technologies in education: how Lviv Polytechnic trains future engineers

Фото з лабораторії

Lviv Polytechnic National University is always at the center of various innovations, showing its constant development and progress, in particular in the educational process. Such a conclusion can be formulated after the demonstration of the modern equipment in the Computer Engineering in Mechanical Engineering laboratories at the Department of Design Machine and Automotive Engineering, the Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Transport, which was conducted by the head of the Department Vasyl Dmytriv. He noted that this is inextricably linked to the fact that the university maintains relations with machine-building companies, patrons and graduates of the Department.

Lviv Polytechnic sets tasks for the formation of a high-class specialist, which are agreed with its stakeholders. Establishing partnership relations with employers makes it possible to be at the cutting edge of advanced technologies in the mechanical engineering industry.

The laboratory is a sacred place for mechanical engineers. Despite the fact that they study theory in practice, they improve their practical skills, which will give them the opportunity to work in their profession in the future and receive a decent salary according to their professional activity. The availability of modern equipment makes it possible to carry out relevant research and produce progressive technological solutions.

Currently, the Department of Design Machine and Automotive Engineering is actively preparing for the opening of modern laboratories. Vasyl Dmytriv focused on partners who directly invest capital in the Mechanical Engineering specialty at the University: MASHINTEKH and Expert Tools LLC handed over numerically controlled machines (NCMs) to Lviv Polytechnic within the framework of long-term cooperation. Also, thanks to the St. Volodymyr Charitable Foundation in cooperation with the Swiss Foundation, Lviv Polytechnic received about 25 computers with Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7 processors. It is especially important to support the laboratory now and equip it in advance for our talented students.

There are a lot of different machines, and students of Lviv Polytechnic have already been acquiring practical skills thanks to this equipment. Numerically Controlled Machines have shown high reliability and efficiency in operation. No significant failures or malfunctions were found, which confirms the high quality of the transferred equipment and its compliance with educational needs. Lviv Polytechnic also has 3D design equipment with three 3D printers. Both students and graduate students work with these printers, developing and implementing their projects.

– Such high-tech equipment is unique for educational institutions of Ukraine. Currently, only three universities have such machines, including Lviv Polytechnic. This gives students the opportunity to work with modern technologies that meet international standards and significantly increase their competitiveness in the labour market, said Vasyl Dmytriv.

The educational programs of different years have already been adapted to the new equipment. Thus, second-year students perform tasks on computers in CAD systems. The third-year students design details in the CAD system and print them on a 3D printer. Fourth-year students program in the CAM system and manufacture details.

Thus, Lviv Polytechnic is confidently heading towards innovation and technological development. The experience that students gain here in cooperation with our partners is extremely valuable. This collaboration opens up many opportunities, as the university is known for its high level of innovation. Lviv Polytechnic provides future engineers with the opportunity to study with the latest modern equipment that meets international standards. This makes them more competitive in the labour market.

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