The ISD student completes her term as a student ambassador in the Baltic University Programme

Viacheslav Chornovil Institute of Sustainable Development
Софія-Саманта Войтович

Sophia-Samantha Voytovych, student at the Department of Ecological Safety and Nature Protection Activity, the Viacheslav Chornovil Institute of Sustainable Development, has completed her term as a student ambassador of Lviv Polytechnic in the Baltic University Programme

Sophia-Samantha actively participated in various events of the Baltic University Programme and worthily represented Lviv Polytechnic National University.

This year she became a representative of our University at the International BUP Symposium 2021. There were 9 different sections. During the two days of the Symposium, participants had the opportunity to hear the results of recent research in the following categories:

  • climate change;
  • renewable energy sources;
  • sustainable society;
  • water resources;
  • urban and rural development;
  • bio- and circular economy;
  • sustainable tourism;
  • education for sustainable development;
  • food systems.

The Symposium is an arena where new discussions and cooperation can begin. It is an opportunity to spread the latest research and learn about new knowledge. The Baltic University Programme holds such symposia every year, so it is a great opportunity to speak and listen to presentations by others in the international arena.

We are proud of our students and wish Sophia-Samantha new interesting projects and success in all endeavors!

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