ISD Department of Tourism once again introduces the Wikipedia educational program into the educational process

Заставка до матеріалу

In the first semester of the 2022/2023 academic year, a group of third-year students, Viacheslav Chornovil Institute of Sustainable Development, Lviv Polytechnic (TU-32 group), under the leadership of Mariana Senkiv, Candidate of Geographic Sciences, Associate Professor at the Department of Tourism, joined the editing of wiki projects.

A total of 19 students wrote articles, 8 of which received the highest score. For example, within the framework of the project, the publication on bicycle tourism was improved and articles on language and pilgrimage tourism were created.

In October, the non-governmental organization «Wikimedia Ukraine» held a wiki training to help program participants learn how to add to Wikipedia, and in December they were awarded with certificates and souvenirs.

Mariana Senkiv, Associate Professor at the Department of Tourism, tells:

– This semester, for the first time students and I created and edited articles directly in Wikipedia, not in Wikivoyage. This is due to the specifics of studying the discipline «Special types of international tourism», the purpose of which is to deepen students’ knowledge about the peculiarities and conditions of development of various types of tourism in the international context.

Wikipedia contains a whole block of articles «Types of tourism», but not all of them are fully presented, and there is no information about some at all. This is partly due to the variety of classifications of tourism and, accordingly, a huge number of possible types of tourism. Also, since students studied different countries during the semester, they had the opportunity to choose to create or edit an article from the «Tourism in a certain country» block, focusing on the types of tourism that are actively developing in this country.

Because of the war, we faced considerable challenges during our joint work for the benefit of Ukrainian Wikipedia, but we cope with them thanks to the enthusiasm of the students and the responsibility of the trainers – Andrii Hrytsenko and Viktor Semeniuk. So, the tourism topic in Wikipedia has been significantly enriched!

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