The International Summer English Language School ended in the Polytechnic-4 Recreational Camp

Фото з Літньої школи

The week of the International English Language Summer School at the Polytechnic-4 Recreational Camp, Lviv Polytechnic, passed in a flash. This year it was the tenth, anniversary, that is, special School.

The participants of the Summer School spent unforgettable 6 days together, learning and relaxing. Academics of various Departments of Lviv Polytechnic (Department of Ukrainian language, the Institute of the Humanities and Social Sciences; Department Pedagogics and Innovative Education, the Institute of Jurisprudence, Psychology and Innovative Education; Department of Foreign Trade and Customs, Department of Management and International Business, Department of Marketing and Logistics, the Institute of Economics and Management; Department of Building Constructions and Bridges, Department of Highways and Bridges, the Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Systems; Department of Applied Linguistics, Institute of Computer Science and Information Technologies; Department of Specialized Computer Systems, Institute of Computer Technologies, Automation and Metrology; Department of Computational Mathematics and Programming, Institute of Applied Mathematics and Fundamental Sciences and others) shared their pedagogical experience and professional skills.

Interesting trainings, quests, quizzes, and competitions – there was no opportunity for any participant to get bored. Practical classes with native English speakers Glen Anderson and Ben Steward were especially informative. They did not ignore the native Ukrainian language either. Iryna Mentynska, senior academic at the Department of Ukrainian Language, held a language quiz «Nu shcho b, zdavalosya, slova…» where everyone, adults and children, could test their knowledge of the Ukrainian language and improve their skills.

The smallest participants of the camp were also taken care of: contests, games, sports competitions, and talent shows did not leave anyone indifferent. Positive emotions, a good mood, and children’s laughter are simple things that we need so much today.

The participants especially express their gratitude to the inspirer and organizer of the International Summer English School, Nataliia Mukan, professor at the Department of Pedagogics and Innovative Education, and the director of the «Polytechnic – 4» camp, Ivan Tiurdo, for the excellent conditions and fantastic atmosphere!

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