An IDEA competition is held at Lviv Polytechnic National University

Фото з конкурсу

This is the final youth competition of the IDEA project within the Innovation SMART SPACE. It was held in the Student Space «3rd floor».

Since all the courses of the project are aimed at teaching its participants to create interesting ideas and turn them into reality, the IDEA project ended with a competition for the opportunity to develop their own product with the support of partners.

Thus, on May 17, 2024, Lviv Polytechnic became the epicenter of a turbulent flow of ideas and creative solutions. That day, 20 teams competed for the title of the best, presenting their innovative projects in six categories.

The winning projects are:

  • UMV (Taras Hryhlevych, Vladyslav Rak and Dmytro Hiley) – category: Tourism and cultural heritage.

The winners of this project offered audio tours with ready-made recordings that allow you to feel real emotions during the tours, without leaving the group.

  • Easier world (Ivan Livchak) – category: Social responsibility and ecology.

The author of the project developed a cane for visually impaired people, equipped with obstacle sensors and a vibration signal, which will help to navigate faster and safer.

  • String rest (Vasyl Chervinka) – category: Creative projects and design.

Here, the author offers a vision of the String rest facility, where you can relax, work, drink coffee or tea to the sounds of magical live music.

  • Wander way (Denys Hrynchyshyn, Danylo Ryshko, Olena Kulyniak and Markiian Mazur) – category: Innovative technologies and programs.

The authors of this project have developed a mobile application for walking and traveling, which combines the functions of a social network and an interactive game. Thanks to this, trips will become more interesting and exciting.

  • **Furin (Yuliia Skakun, Ariana Nesteruk, Sofiia Kysliakova and Vika Kykhnei) – category: Innovative solutions and ideas.
  • NEON SHOP (Solomiya Pryima, Sofiia Romaniv and Vladyslav Melnyk) – category: Creativity and design.

As it was already mentioned, thanks to the support of the competition partners, all the winners had the opportunity to implement their projects. The rest of the participants were awarded with certificates and gifts.

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