For the first time in Ukraine, Lviv Polytechnic University starts recruitment for the new educational program «Food Chemistry and Expertise»

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To the attention parents and future applicants!

In 2023, for the first time in Ukraine, Lviv Polytechnic National University will start recruiting for the new educational program «Food Chemistry and Expertise», major 102 «Chemistry», which is adapted to the educational programs of the best universities in Europe (Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, etc.).

The educational program «Food Chemistry and Expertise» prepares students for many professions in the public and private sector. It includes Chemistry, Biology, Physiology and Psychology of Food, as well as how it affects human health and behavior, helps to master the methods of expertise, analysis and determination of product quality.

Students will learn about the development, production, and consumption of food products along with regulatory documents and requirements for examination and analysis of food products, cosmetics, and other consumer products. Food chemists are scientifically trained experts in a special branch of chemistry that primarily seeks to protect the consumer. Food chemists mainly apply chemical-analytical methods, and work with biochemical and microbiological processes.

After basic training in Biology, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, the main focus of the course will be on Food Chemistry and Chemical Analysis. At various practical courses, it will be possible to independently apply the basic methods of analysis and the latest bioanalytical methods, to determine the presence of natural components, as well as unwanted traces of harmful residues and impurities in food and drinking water. The impact of food on the human body is also an important aspect, so nutrition physiology and toxicology are also part of the study. In addition, the study program includes Microbiology, Food Technology, Food Law, Chemistry of Food Additives and other interesting disciplines.

Studying under this educational program will provide the basic knowledge to develop new methods of production, processing and preservation of food products, as well as to examine and verify if food products comply with legal requirements, are of the specified quality or are not adulterated, spoiled or harmful.

For more details, visit the website of the Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technologies.