Doctoral student Ihor Savchyn: «Thanks to Geodesy, I have traveled the world and even been to Antarctica»

Ігор Савчин

We continue the cycle «One Hundred Persons of Lviv Polytechnic» - coverage of portraits of individuals who have a significant impact on the development of the University and its role in the global learning environment.

Ihor Savchyn - Associate Professor, the Department of Higher Geodesy and Astronomy, IGDG. He became interested in Geodesy during his student years. After graduation he successfully became a postgraduate student, defended his candidate thesis and is working on his doctoral dissertation. He studies geodynamic processes and movements of tectonic plates. He heads the Scientific Society of Students, Doctoral Candidates and Young Researchers of his Institute. He twice went on an expedition to Antarctica.

Science is Ihor Savchyn’s passion. He has written lots of scientific articles, although he teaches students and practices geodetic research.

Geodesy is mega-perspective

According to the researcher, Geodesy as a science and also as a profession has considerable prospects, that’s why he cannot understand why in recent years the number of people willing to study geodesy is decreasing. Moreover, the profession of surveyor is mega-promising if we focus on the study of current necessary disciplines. For example, surveyors are needed today in the agricultural sector, which is developing the fastest in Ukraine. It is surveyors who set up modern agricultural technology, and in local communities surveyors are responsible for creating new and updating old cartographic materials using unmanned aerial vehicles. No construction work can be done without a surveyor.

As a researcher and teacher, Ihor Savchyn promotes Geodesy and develops it. He actively participates in conferences and projects, as well as initiates them. In 2016, together with like-minded colleagues, he launched the annual international conference of young professionals GeoTerrace, the materials of which from 2020 are indexed by the scientometric database Scopus.

- This is an extremely important achievement, because out of all geodetic conferences taking place in Ukraine, only ours has such an indexation, - explains the interlocutor.

Ihor Savchyn's scientific achievements include 59 publications, including 20 scientific articles in foreign publications, 14 in professional journals and 25 in conference proceedings.

- The Institute gave me a lot. Thanks to it, I’ve traveled and measured the whole of Ukraine, been to Poland, Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Kazakhstan, Chile and even Antarctica.

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